[Major S2E2 Spoilers] Share your thoughts about the episode

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Well, well, well. First thing I'll say is WOW! An incredible episode! Again, it was only still less than 2 hours long to my disappointment, but it doesn't matter because it was a great episode.

So, I was happy to see Kenny again and moved on sorta. When we mentioned Lee, I shed a tear. I didn't expect those people to be so nice after what we've been through in the last episode. But then, we meet more new people...that bitch Bonnie was with Carver, I can't believe it! And it was a bit expected that Carver was the father of Rebecca's baby. I don't think Alvin seems TOO angry yet, though And about the whole Rebecca thing, how did you guys treat her? I forgave her because she really did seem sorry for being a total bitch. I had Clemmy listen to the baby too.

Anyway, please share your thoughts about this episode! I give it a 9.5/10........the missing .5 is because of the length.

AND NOW WE WAIT AGAIN FOR IN HARMS WAY....... -taps fingers-



  • Alvin died in mine... So did Johnny and Walter..

  • It's strange how this was less than two hours. When I was playing it, it literally felt like 3-4 hours. I then looked at the time and It took me 1 hour and 50 minutes to complete. This episode just kept getting better and better and BETTER and holy fuck shit this is officially my favorite walking dead episode by Telltale games. I was surprised to see Bonnie with Carver, and only Walter died in my version. I also saved Nick in the previous episode so feel free to tell me what happens when you choose Pete instead.... oh, one more thing... KENNY!!!!!!

  • Well i wanted kenny to be back so much but he doesnt seem the same like before.. i like the EP of course and that kenny is back really made my day

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    I only got Walter killed too. I saved Pete and he died in the beginning of the episode :( Then we opened the door and got overran by walkers and he told me to leave and go find Nick. Later the whole group arrived where we last saw Pete and he was devoured by the walkers and he was shot in the head by an unknown person. Nick was depressed through most of the episode.

  • Damn man, I'm sorry about that :/

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    Intially, this is what I thought...

    WHAT THE FUCK!?...



    After that, I thought it was a great episode. Considering it's the first episode to actually give me that type of reaction. 10/10 from my books.

  • When I saw Kenny I actually started dancing.

  • Can alvin Johnny or Walter live?They all died in mine :( Im also mad that bonnie is with Carver,like VERY MAD, :( Clema nd Bonnie seem to be friends in the preview,though.

  • Alvin and Johnny lived in mine. Sorry about that. And I thought Bonnie was a good person...or at least the way i played her in 400 days...

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    Awesome episode. When the game made me decide wether to sit with luke or kenny, I had to pause the game. I started walking around my bedroom thinking about what to do. Worth the long waiting.

    For the ps3 users. Does anybody have any problem with the "my choices" menu? I couldnt see the stats/choices at the end of the episode and In the menu only Ep1 choices appears.

  • I was happy that i saw Kenny, but sad at the same time.. i really was expecting to see Lilly, i think it would be an intresting story to watch how clem would react on Lilly, if she would be nice or a bitch at her.

  • You never know. From the ending of 400 Days, you get the impression that they were led into the camp from Tavia suspecting it was a good thing (Bonnie in particular talks about trust).

    It could be she caught caught up in Carver's mess just as Clem/Kenny/etc did from the Episode 3 preview. That's my guess anyways.

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    Oh man, I too had a hard time deciding who I should sit with. I sat with Kenny just for old times sake. But then I saw Luke's face and it made me really sad :(

    Yes, I have a PS3. The choices didn't show on mine either. But it's most likely because the episode's been out for like a few hours, so we may have to wait more to see them.

  • i wonder what happend to luke or where he is

  • Happend for twau too for me,jsut wait a bit,maybe they need more players so they can make a board.

  • Yeah, that's true. Now that you mention that, it could be true that she and possibly the rest of the characters got captured by Carver.

  • and i think theguy on the radio who was talking with tavia in 400 days
    is carver

  • I also sat with Kenny. I felt Luke would understand my decision. I imagined that if I had sat with Luke, Kenny would get a bit angry. Hes got a temper.

    Thanks for the answer about the choices. I remember that in episode 1 it i did appear (in the some situation as now, playing it as soon it got released) but its probably how you said.

  • Honestly? I feel kind of cheated and more than a little disappointed.

    First off, why the fuck is Bonnie with Carver? And why are these people willing to watch this obvious asshole torture a man in front of his daughter?

    The walkers appearing at the end was also some dumb crap. Why the hell did they not immediately get back to the lodge?

    And- the very biggest problem of all- why did Clementine, or someone, not go "THERE ARE PEOPLE AFTER US, KEEP RUNNING, JUST GO GO GO"? Particularly to Kenny? Instead, they had a big old Christmas tree moment and all of the rest of that and somehow just neglected OH YEAH THERE ARE PEOPLE STILL CHASING US.

    I was busy looking for the dialogue option marked "Hey, Kenny, let's get Luke and Sarah and let's just get the fuck out of here and let Carver and these dipshits enjoy each other's company".

    Just DUMB. Dumb and disappointing. At least I managed to get rid of Nick.

  • I saw Bonnie, and I was like, "OMG!!!! Bonnie! " because she was one of my favorite 400 Days characters. She's evil. Why is every redheaded character evil???

  • Hopefully, they appear soon.

  • Incredible episode 9.5/10. Nuff said.

  • It took me two hours because it was stressing me out so bad I had to stop to smoke like 4 cigarettes.

  • Same problem with the choices here

  • Well, it's good you were honest.

    I think that Bonnie (and possibly the rest of the 400 days cast[determinant]) are with Carver because Carver might have forced her (them) to join their community. Or, maybe, it is Tavia that brought and tricked her (them) to join Carver's community.

    Well, you gotta remember, Clem wasn't 100% what those lights were at the bridge, so I guess she didn't want to worry them for nothing. But you're right, I wish she had said something about it, though.

    Hopefully episode 3 will be better for you, man.

  • I sat with Luke because I thought some shit was about to go down and I wanted to be close to Nick incase I had to stab him in the eye with a fork.

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    I bet Kenny will encounter Lilly in Carvers settlement

  • I was soo shocked and angry!

  • Omg, that would be SOOOOO awesome, but i don't think they'll bring Lilly in anymore.. it would be weird to have like all the characters from season 1 together again just by "luck".. Either way, i really really really want to see Lilly i would be sad if we didn't :'(

  • The guy with the green(?) hat.

  • Is he one of Carver's henchmen?

  • How did Kenny react with you choosing Luke over him?

  • I did the happiest fist clench of my life.

  • I wonder if Kenny killed him....

  • Holy Shit! -> [HUG KENNY]!
    I so wanted to hug him again but the game didn't let me.

    Anyone else would stay with Kenny in a heartbeat - and ditch the rest except for Nick?

  • He made an upset face. Apparently He'll remember that.

  • I knew what they were, they were flashlights, it was dead obvious. And the moment she mentioned "lights", everyone else should have perked up and discussed what to do if Carver showed up.

    Also, why didn't Sarah tell Clementine anything about Carver?

    It's okay, I can tell who he is. He's Negan all over again. Apparently Telltale decided it'd be great to rip off Kirkman's dumber ideas.

  • I shed some serious manly tears while hugging kenny. Anyone else keep track on how long the episode was?

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