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Episode 3 on my kindle fire

posted by dominiquehandy on - Viewed by 277 users

I have purchased, downloaded and played episodes 1 and 2 succesfully on my kindle but when I purchased episode 3 it will not download correctly on my kindle. I am a little lost when it comes to this does any one know what I should do?

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Below are a few potential solutions:

    Force stop the application, and then relaunch it.

    Clear all the app data, and attempt to play the episodes again. (Please note that this will delete your save data)

    Please try to go through the purchase path for the next episodes, and when you hit 'Buy', as long as you are logged into the account that you originally purchased it on, you should be alerted that you've already purchased this item, and to re-download it for free.

    Lastly delete the application and all associated data from your device, and re-download it from the App Store. (Please note that this will delete your save data.)

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