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Should I be worried? (Crash Issue)

posted by Zeek on - Viewed by 487 users

So I just finished Episode 2, and after taking a quick breather from how intense the episode is, I quit the game to do something else. However, upon quitting the game, I got the prompt saying something went wrong with the program and all that crash-y goodness.

I know that in the previous season there was an issue where a crash during game play would result in your choices not carrying over and possibly corrupting the file that stores them. However, like I said, my crash happened as I was exiting the game. Supposedly, all my choices should be safe since I saw the saving icon spin after the end credits and before returning to the main menu.

Is there any way to check? I know the servers are busy compiling data based on those choices, so I'll have to wait until this evening to find out by booting up again to check that way. In the meantime, should I be worried? I mean, this episode in particular is INTENSE and I'd hate to replay it again. Doing so may lose all the urgency and punch out of all the scenarios.

  • Okay, now I'm concerned.

    I went to check to see if the choices were available to view in the My Choices area. Still nothing, even after 2.5 hours after I finished completing the episode.

    However, my save file says "Episode Not Installed" and is showing the picture from the final act from Episode 2. Is this a sign of corrupted data or just a bug with Steam?

  • I tend to check my "event viewer" under Windows 7 once every few weeks, usually before I run CCleaner, and I noticed something strange. According to event viewer and under Problem History, there were numerous listings for Walking Dead Season 2, claiming the game crashed. The thing is, I never once got an error message when playing Season 2 and the game has run perfectly fine, even after playing through episode 2. So I started toying around with different things, I first deleted all of my pre-existing saves and uninstalled and re-installed the game, at first the error reports weren't being generated but the minute I got back to episode 2, the logs started generating again. And based on the time stamp on the error logs, it is happening the minute I exit the game. I also noticed it doesn't happen every time I exit the game, it seems to happen when I exit the game at certain points in the story.

    So I then went under services under administrative tools and disabled "Windows Error Reporting Service" just to check something. With it disabled, now when I exit the game it not only generates an error log, I get a pop up that says the game has crashed when I exit.

    However, unlike yesterday when I first finished episode 2, when I re-started episode 2 and finished it tonight, while I'm still getting the crashes on exit, all of my choices in episode 2 are showing up properly under "my choices", they weren't showing up at all yesterday.

    For now I'm just going to leave "problem reports and solutions control panel support" and "Windows Error Reporting Service" disabled until the issue is resolved. Since it isn't happening while I play and only happens when I exit, it doesn't bother me too much because it shouldn't corrupt my saves since I never exit the game during a save, after the game saves, I always wait about 30-60 seconds before exiting just to make sure things save properly. I had to disable Steam from saving my Saints Row IV save files for a similar reason, when the game first came out for whatever reason, every now and again I'd exit the game and just get a black screen, and it seemed to happen right when Steam was syncing things.

    Are those of you with the crash on exit, are you using the Steam version or the Telltale version of the game?

    I'm also noticing another issue, this issue is with Steam. Under the Event View, ever since they did a major update several weeks back, I'm now getting an error that says Steam failed to poke the firewall. They've released 3-4 minor update since then but the problem persists, so that's why I'm asking which version you all are playing since I'm wondering if the firewall issue with Steam is causing the exit crash. But if you're using the Telltale version, that would tell me that isn't the case.

  • Telltale finally got back to me but they just told me to do the typical things.

    1. Disconnect USB gamepad
    2. Update drivers and bios files
    3. Other things

    I've been trying to figure out this issue for a few days now. I've disabled all of my USB devices, my audio devices, I've run the game in compatibility mode and admin mode, I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it, I've deleted my saves and started over.. nothing gets rid of the issue.

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