• As I recall there's no method to aiming. Even if you get the reticule square over the head the first one-two shots will impact with the body.

    Eventually you DO run out of ammo though. All I can think of is that you're not hitting them fast enough? Are you taking out the ones closest to Clem?

  • You are not the only one. I died like 4 times in this part.

    When you are aiming in a walkers head, you have to put the colored ball right in the middle of the circle of their heads.

    By the way, you don't have to kill all of them. 2 of them will stay alive and Carlos will kill them. Just concentrate, you can do it.

  • It took me ages to get through that section as well, and I have no idea what I did right the time that I succeeded. It was a very annoying section in an otherwise great episode.

  • In my playthrough I just waited until walkers came closer then I shoot and I went through this moment for the first time.

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    bubbledncr Telltale Alumni

    You have to shoot enough times to run out of ammo. If a cutscene isn't triggered after you run out of ammo (click the zombie a few extra times to make sure), then yes, it is a bug.

    You can make it easier to run out of ammo by shooting the first zombie. But you aren't supposed to be able to kill all the zombies - there's always supposed to be a cutscene of Clem running out of ammo with at least one zombie still standing (you're right, how many are left standing is luck based).

  • this section is so frustrating. spoiled the episode. Needing to repeatedly click to trigger the cutscene is not intuitive. What's the point in trying to repeatedly fire a weapon that is out of ammo?

  • Just finished episode 2. I had to watch a walkthrough video to see how to get through this part, after trying around 5 times. What I found was that you have to keep clicking after running out of ammo, that was the only difference between what they did and what i was trying. Completely agree with dataBlast, what would be the real world point in continuing to try to fire a clip loaded pistol. It's not like this is russian roulette, the weapon was fired many times and was surely out of ammo, why would Clem keep trying to fire it? The cutscene should be triggered as soon as the ammo runs out.

  • I don't know if i just got lucky, but the trick i did is when i aim at a zombie head I would leave it there for a few seconds and then shoot, Clem would get a headshot on the first try.

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