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Clementine's personality in episode 2

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Some things i noticed while playing that don't feel anything like Clem.

-She says "oh shit" while fighting the walker on the bridge.
I thought our decision of not swearing in the barn was gonna carry over like it did in the bathroom scene.

-She says she hated her treehouse.
The written backstory about Clementine says "Clementine is a quiet and imaginative girl with two attentive, loving parents. She’s incredibly resourceful, choosing to spend time building elaborate fantasies in her tree-house instead of watching cartoons or playing with dolls."
If she did spend so much time in her treehouse then why did telltale suddenly make her hate the treehouse.

-She says "You look like an idiot" to Luke when you choose the [LOOK DOWN] option
Not sure if i should have added this here. Seems like she just wanted to be funny to Luke but I kind of saw it as she just starts disliking everything now, especially since she just said "that sounds stupid" to what Luke said just 10 seconds before.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    I fully agree. Clementine is becoming a naysayer to pretty much everything. She have completely lost her caring character in this episode. I also don't like the fact how Telltale make her seem more adult than the majority of the group. They send Clementine doing all the dangerous, and hard jobs while the rest just sit and sob about the situation. This is not what my Lee Everett raised. This makes me want to go back and re-wind Season One to get a glimpse at the Clementine we once knew... She knew how to care for people, and gave this ray of light in this world. That ray of light is gone after playing A House Divided.

    • She have completely lost her caring character in this episode.

      She cared about people I gave no fucks about and that wanted to kill her in Episode 1 (coughRebeccacough). It made no sense for Clementine to care about most of them. If anything, the caring was ramped up, and it felt artificial.

      I also don't like the fact how Telltale make her seem more adult than the majority of the group. They send Clementine doing all the dangerous, and hard jobs while the rest just sit and sob about the situation.

      God, this. They wanted me- ALONE- to explore someone's cabin, which might have been trapped or anything else? And then Alvin wanted me to lie to the group about the food? Screw you, Alvin. And screw you too, Nick, you were worse than Ben, at least Ben didn't shoot anyone. Glad I didn't make that promise to Pete, I would have broken it.

  • Yeah, she was kinda sassy and had a bitter expression in some parts. I didn't like a bunch of the dialogue options.

  • As a zombie apocalypse is happening its probably getting harder for her to hold on to her innocence

  • I think she has a mini crush on Luke, how cute!

  • I personally really like the new Clem, and what Chuck said in episode 3 really got to me. "She'll DIE a little girl if you treat her like one." If she was the same old clem we knew in S1 EP 1-5, she would be dead ten times over.

    You've got to also realize she was with Christa (who already wasn't very good at optimism) and being raised by someone like that for 16 MONTHS out in the wild can change someone. I agree that it would be nice if you could choose more optimistic lines for Clem but it seems like it would be kind of...unrealistic?

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      FreddeN93 BANNED

      I never really liked Chuck's speech. A child should be raised as a child. Like Carlos has been doing with Sarah, and he managed to keep the dangerous world away from her. She should find out by herself when she is in the right age. Having a little girl do all hard labour for a group consisting of five adults just feels wrong. I know Clementine is our main protagonist now, and she have to fulfill the requirements of that but... I wish Telltale could go a little easy on it. They're ruining her personality too fast.

      • I'm sorry but if you had a child what would you do keep them away from the apocalypse so IF you die then they won't ever know how to defend themselves (especially if it's only you and them)
        You say at the right age but there is no right age (unless you're a baby)
        Like Carley said there's never a right time for anything but there will be a lot more worse rimes
        It doesn't matter if there's adults at that time what if they all die and the child doesn't know how to survive
        It's better too know then just in case

      • I...don't think you are getting it. If clem WAS raised like a normal child, she would've died. If she hadn't of learned how to protect herself, what would've happened with the fight in the shed with the walker? The railroad? The ambush? I don't Clem to turn into a full Carl (Ever.) but growing up in a world with people like Carver out there would make anyone act the way she does in S2.

    • Saying she hated the treehouse is unrealistic. Firstly, her dad built it for her. You don't honor your dead parents by saying you hated the things they did for you out of love.That's like saying she hates her hat too. Secondly, you don't hate the thing that pretty much kept you alive the first day of the apocalypse.

      That dialogue option could have been done much better.

  • I think it is important to note that at the beginning of the ZA, Clem had to hide in her tree house to keep herself safe from the Walkers. That included sleeping all alone, at night, without knowing what was going on or where her parents were. I'm certain that would be a scary situation and one she would not like to remember. Sadly, it is easy to hate what you once loved if bad feelings or memories are attached to it.

    Or it could be Clem was lying to keep from having to climb up the ski lift. Just saying...

  • I always get lot of hate on this issue but still feel same changed to much people typical response what you expect to survive etc but mean shes totally different person she didn't get more mature and badass but totally changed as a person leaving behind all attitudes i loved about clem the personality, the jokes and interesting storys and the hope just can't get used to this new character in my head all promises to lee even curse words offended her(not now). Just cold calculated killer now who hates everyone and lies everything lee tried to stop. Just my opinion

  • I think Clementines personality had progressed with her character. After all she's been through of course she's not gonna be the same sweet little girl we used to know, hell she's eleven now so it makes even more sense. As for the treehouse thing, just because someone loved an item doesn't mean they always have to love. To me it would seem that Clementine see the tree house as a symbol of when she was younger and naive. And because of everything that's happened she hates that part of herself.

  • I have an idea about the treehouse, she probably said she hated it because she spent like a four days in it at the beginning of Season 1 before Lee showed up. She probably has bad memories now. xD

  • some irony here:

    chucks words treat her like a child she'll die one.

    how is that not sinking in ?

    the kid gloves should come off people, clem must mature/grow up fast and do what is needed to live.

    i find any option to make her soft and child like should only be used for leverage or because it's the smart move..

    • /thread.

      Nailed it!

      She had to grow up, you know.

      You guys afraid of seeing her change to better adapt to the ZA are all a bunch of Carlos.

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