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  • I might see it once it comes out. Loved the comic itself, though.
    Actually, seeing the trailer before The Dark Knight made me decide to actually read the thing. I couldn't find it anywhere, though, so I had to resort to Amazon.
    Is it still one of their top 10 bestsellers?
  • I'll catch it on DVD. Kevin Smith has seen the movie and couldn't say enough good things about it, so I think this'll be a good one.
  • Bought the novel a few weeks ago and loved every piece of it. The movie will be an interesting watch.
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    I read that Zack Snyder got involved because he was terrified someone else might ruin it, which is cool with me. In earlier attempts to adapt the film, the treatment involved transplanting the whole story into a modern day, war on terrorism context. Whoopee.

    ...I'm fairly certain that youtube clip is not 1080p...
  • Watchmen?I'm guessing they have some relations to the Clock Crew...
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    The trailer looks cool, but I was kind of put off that they used a Smashing Pumpkins song that was made for Batman and Robin.
  • The song won't be in the final movie (it has been reported) it was just used for the trailer.

    Yes, it does look cool. But considering so many other comic-to-film adaptions have been screwed with, I am withholding judgement.

    Alan Moore had his name taken off this one before shooting had even got underway. His royalties will go to the guy who was the artist for the original book.

    (Moore was incredibly disappointed/angry with the V for Vendetta film that he made sure his name never appeared on that either)
  • My understanding was that Moore was upset because he wrote Watchmen specifically to show off what comics could do that other mediums couldn't.
  • I probably won't see the movie. There's no way they could possibly do the original graphic novel/series any justice in a standard 2-hour Hollywood movie for general audiences.
  • I wouldn't say I'm a huge comics fan (although I have read Watchmen) but I do like movies... and a lot of the movie comic adaptions are pretty good movies in their own right, even if different from the comics.

    Heck, I'd never even heard of the character of Iron Man until the movie started being promoted.... and it was a pretty good film :)
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