• I chose Luke, hardest choice ever.

    • Damn... I knew someone out there did. How? Kenny was there through the ringer, man!! Since episode 1! Sure, he's a fucking roller coaster of emotions but you picked Luke?! The guy you've only known for 10 days?

      You've got balls, though. I like that.

      • To be fair. Clementine and Kenny hardly had any direct interactions. I only remember two of them. "Get on the train Clementine" and "Yeah, and we made out pretty good too." I don't think Kenny has ever directly saved Clementine in season 1. I actually think Luke did more for Clementine in 10 days than Kenny did since episode 1.

        • Yeah but it's obvious Clem felt very strongly about Kenny and his family (the picture she drew). And Luke has done nothing directly for Clementine-- he's always put the group before her. Unlike Kenny who always put the kids first.

          • You're right, Luke has done nothing for Clem. It's not like he saved her in episode 1, defended her from the group, fed her, and gave an interest in her life in one episode. ONE EPISODE! In episode 2 he insisted that him and Alvin search for Clementine. Remember how Rebecca begged Luke not to go look for Clementine, but he did. How is that putting the group before Clementine?

            In episode 2 of season 1, you could feed Duck and not Clementine and Kenny wouldn't even care. He's actually happy and only cares for Duck. Now it seems like Kenny is trying to replace Katjaa and Duck with Sarita and Clementine. Definitely not weird at all.

            In my opinion, Luke and Clem's brother/sister relationship seems to be a lot more interesting than Kenny trying to play the father figure to Clem. It's been done before with Lee. Kenny is going to attempt to treat Clementine like Duck. Clementine is no Duck!

  • After a few seconds or so to think, I chose Kenny.

    You will probably regret your decision either way lol. ;-;

  • It wasn't too hard for me, even though I can see that both choices have their own merits, and I sat with Kenny. Don't regret it.

  • Kenny, didn't even hesitate.

  • Luke. Still mad about Larry and Kenny seemed so different I didn't want to get to know him. But when I went to Luke he was so pissed that I could swear he wanted to kill someone.

  • I chose Luke after like 5 minutes of deciding

  • Luke. Even though Clem had history with him prior, they have been seperated for over 16 months. I play like how I would react, so I would be weary of just joining him after so long.

  • I chose Kenny just because i assumed the cabin survivors wouldn't care as much where i sat as Kenny would.

  • Kenny. If Luke and the others blame Clem for wanting to spend time with someone she hasn't seen in 16 months in an apocalypse who she thought was dead, then screw 'em.

  • Luke. At the time, Kenny did seem rather off, and even then he wasn't exactly my favorite character from the first game (Still really good to see him though!) and besides, I really like how Luke and Clem are getting on. His seems to be one of the few genuinely nice characters in the world. I did feel a twist of regret after he called me Duck...

    Also, Luke isn't exactly bad looking...

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