• It's definitely possible, but I would hope that the writers have more love for their audience than that. I'm sure Telltale is aware of what a fan favorite Kenny is, so I'm guessing they'll at least keep him around till the end of the season. I got the same vibe you did but I think for me it was more of a fear over what MIGHT happen than any actual evidence of it happening. I really don't want Kenny to die. After losing Lee, then Omid and finally, Christa, I think Telltale would be very careless if they got rid of another important character. I don't care much about this new group yet, they need people in the game who have had plenty of character development, like Kenny.

    • True,I didn't feel when Walter and Alvin got killed in my file,but I got fells when I found out later that you can prevent your deaths depending on what you tell Kennny to shoot or not.I like Nick,and told Walter that Nick was a good person,so he's alive ^_^

  • It wouldn't surprise me if he did. Either Kenny or Clem will be dead by the end of the season, just because they'll want to hit the same emotional "high" as Lee's death so that it goes into the memory books as a worthy second series, or else people are going to be constantly comparing the S2 finale to S1E5.

    • Killing Clem off after just dealing with a random villain? nah. The only way her death will be acceptable and have any meaning is if she dies after doing something memorable and important that no other human has done in the apocalypse. Clementine has still a loooooooong way to go.

      • Yeah,I'm guessing that they all go to the snowy city Wellington,by they,I mean Kenny if he survives,the 400 days group if they are nice in the next episode(in the teaser the see Bonnie and Clem smiling so maybe we are wrong and judged her to fast.We might find Christa some day too.)

      • I don't know. It seems fittingly grim and dark that Clem essentially dies for nothing. No grand send off, no world changing events, but ultimately she's just another dead survivor in a lonely, pointless, fate that thousands of others have likely shared.

        I like Clem as much as the next person but it's just the type of surprise that I could see Telltale throwing at us.

  • I hope not, if he dies it will be the most badass death of all time

  • Watch the spoilers in threads titles, please.

  • I don't think he's going to die in episode 3, maybe in 4th or 5th one. But, as Cart_hero_2010 already said, I want a badass death for him, or at least a flashback with all his memories when he's close to death

  • He's pretty much dead, I think. Considering how lucky he's been, having been able to survive FIVE Episodes of The Walking Dead, his luck is going to run out this Season. I can't really see him surviving to make it to ANOTHER Season.

  • It's really looking grim for him.

    We know how Kenny is so stubborn, and that's not gonna go well in Carver's community, if the preview is any indicative.
    I hope he doesn't get himself killed :[

  • Kenny confirmed for Season3! We need a new gif guys :D

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