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Official Bonnie HATE Thread.

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This is the place to discuss and talk about how much you despise that inferior lesser being we all know as Bonnie.

  • Well it was surprising, but she did seem like the type to be easily influenced. Hell maybe there is more to it than her just taking the dark path who knows.

  • Now that i think about it. Maybe she's just easily manipulated. I don't think it's safe to hate on her just yet. We'll see what happens next and maybe she can get her shit together.

  • Bonnie strikes me as the type to save her own skin. If Carver's group and the 400 days group are indeed the same, Bonnie might have had a chance to get out if she had gone with Luke and the group, but didn't for whatever reason. She doesn't seem to approve of Carver's way of doing things. but she doesn't have a backbone to stand up or try to escape. I'm don't think I'm gonna let my Clem trust her next chapter.

  • That fucking bitch must burn.

  • i will now play her story in 400 days and keep letting dee kill her or let a walker eat her alive. seems fair enough considering what she did

  • Is the community in the trailer the one Tavia was talking about ?

  • Yeah.... if Telltale gives us the choice, then she's going down in my game for sure.

  • Bonnie is weak and has always been weak. Shes been dependent ever since they introduced her into TWDG and wouldnt make it a day if she were to be alone out there in a world full of zombies and horror.

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