• I didn't really get to know him all that much, so I don't really care about his death. It's regrettable, but that's all it was. At least no one else died in my playthrough.

  • I liked how in the (Next time on) trailer, Kenny was like, walter may not have had to die if you had tried or something of that like, yet he said nothing about Rebeccas husband... but thats just from my choices.

  • I liked him for 5 minutes. I loved his character he was so nice, and friendly. But when I got on the forum and saw that he didn't help Nick if you don't say hes a nice guy Walter just leaves Nick to be eaten. That really pissed me off because Nick is my bro. He is a good guy and I didn't think Walter would actually do that. But anyway. Peace out Walter. Thanks for the beans and peaches!

    • Can you blame him though? Nick killed Matthew! (It was an accident, obviously, but I can't blame Walter, since it only happens if you confirm Walter's thoughts about Nick just being another asshole.)

      • Still. If someone killed my best friend... well I would forgive him. Even if he was an asshole. But I thought Walter would forgive him no matter what because he seemed like a nice guy. Hell Kenny killed Larry(one of my favorite characters) and then he doesn't help me when Danny St John attacks me or when the door falls on me in the drugstore and I was mad but if he was in trouble I would still save him.

        Edit: I forgive him but damn... And if someone killed my lover, friend, or brother I would still forgive him. We are but human. We all make mistakes and Walter only made one in the time that Clementine saw him. Kenny on the other hand...

        • I don't think Walt and Matthew were just "best friends"

          • They weren't just 'best friends', they were pretty much brothers, kin.

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              AdmiralSweet BANNED

              They were lovers...

              • I don't mind the idea, but until they say it I'm not going to jump the gun, would be unique writing telltale.


                Until then however, I consider them brothers.

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                  AdmiralSweet BANNED

                  If they came right out and said "Hey did you shoot my gay lover Matt?" then that would be silly. Implying something about a Character is much better than just coming right out and saying it. Telltale wouldn't put as much emphasis on their relationship if it was not a lover. If they said it that would make that all Walter's character is. A homosexual, to the fans he wouldn't be remembered for being the kind leader of the lodge, no he would just be "The gay guy". So at Walt's execution his best friend would be the most important thing on his mind?

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                  bubbledncr Telltale Alumni

                  They were indeed lovers.

                  • I'd just like to point out here that nearly everyone got it. That was some good and subtle writing there on Telltale's part, it seemed overwhelmingly obvious to me that they were lovers, and I was extremely glad that Walter's and Matthews relationship was represented just as any other intimate relationship would be if put in the same writing circumstance.

                    Good job on not writing it to be ham-fistedly overt about it, that would probably be a misrepresentation what being gay actually should be to society. (By that I mean, that they are simply people who love each other romantically/intimately, like any other couple)

                    ("Hey guys have you seen my Gay lover Mathew? We are really gay.

                    Kenny: I like gays just as much as urbans!

                    Walter: Don't we all.

                    And Mathew and I are both men.

                    Men who love each other.

                    [Raises Eyebrow at camera]


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          K0t0 BANNED

          I'd hate to have you as a friend/lover/family member

    • Well, you did say he's a nice guy, so he doesn't. It's not like he ignores you.

  • Killing off Walter bugged me because it felt like this--

    Me: Oh wow, a gay character, maybe he'll stick around for an episode.
    Telltale: Nah, that'd be too interesting. shot

    I mean, it might've just as well turned into a gay Lilly situation but still, that would have been something. Oh well. I like how he was written in the episode and like how he just crumbles so easily as a human being who seems convinced he's got a good head on his shoulders but I always get frustrated when minorities get killed off easily in horror movies. Ah well, at least Lee didn't die until the END of season 1. Maybe I'm just making generalizations but that's how it felt to me anyways.

    • Carver didn't know him so he guessed he didn't need him. Telltale didn't just kill him off because he was gay.

      • In-game, of course. In terms of outside of the game and in the developers hands though, it was an active decision to kill off this character. It was a fitting and powerful ending despite his sexuality, as fitting as it would be with any couple I'd imagine. I guess just how quickly he dies is what makes it powerful but I would've liked to have seen more of his character. Ah well, it is what it is.

        • I felt like his arc (at least in my version of the game) was amazing an one of the most powerful I had experienced. He is a very important philosophical character, and you see his hope for humanity get tested and those beliefs challenged. In my version, you see him stick to it and accept the pain of the world, but not give up hope. A character and moment like that is rare, and having him killed is fitting in that his arc is over, and he gives more hope dead than he would alive with his morals deteriorating. I felt like he was the most important gay character I have ever seen in our medium, and I want to see more characters like him.

      • The problem is this happens to gay characters all the time. If a gay character shows up, they're often killed to show off how tragic they are. It's called the "celluloid closet." Good writers should be well aware of the trope and that it's tired.

        Kudos to Telltale for including gay characters in the game. And I respect Telltale enough to wholly believe they killed the characters for story purposes and not because they are gay. But perception means a lot, and the writers had to know they'd get a collective eye roll from the gay community for immediately killing off their only openly gay characters.

    • I know what you mean. I was so glad that they finally added a gay character/s to the game, but it did bug me a little to see him die. As you say, minorities seem to be most at risk in horror franchises (Although that is getting better, I think). However, I very much doubt that did it just because he was gay. I like to think Telltale are better then that. The fact that he was (In my opinion) such a likable character was probably the main reason. It was more to show how evil Carver was, rather anything to do with Walter's sexuality.

    • To me he was a well written character that fit perfectly into the story. I don't think telltale decided to kill him off just because he was a minority.

    • EDIT: Oh and in case there was any kind of misunderstanding [I don't see how but just in case], I'm not saying telltale killed off Walter because he was gay as a hate crime kind of deal. If that was the case they wouldn't have written him so well and made his and Mathew's death so heart wrenching...obviously. I'm just saying that maybe they decided that it was too much of a hassle to write an extended narrative for a gay character. Even if they didn't, I think it was a missed opportunity to do so, which I also mourn. Then again, maybe I'm wrong and Wyatt and Eddie will find each other and confess their love XD

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      AdmiralSweet BANNED

      I don't think that it was because he was gay. It was probably due to "All right we've killed off his lover, dealt with the situation either good or badly. Now what? Try to make a branching story of his descent into madness as he tries to function without Matthew?"
      "That sounds like extra work. No just shoot him."

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  • I'm so glad he didn't die because of me! I told Kenny to give it a try with that guy by the window. I forgot to tell him to use his head!

  • As I posted in the Episode 2 discussion thread....


    Fuck, why do I always like the old people regardless of how they treat you? (Larry, Walter) ;~;

    And now Alvin's a determinant character, I fear he's shortlived as well and I can't handle that...

  • Man that scene when the last thing he sees is the photo...jeez. At least now he is with his partner. R.I.P Walter.

  • I know what you mean. It does suck that the first ever gay characters Walter and Matthew were killed pretty quickly. Though I kind of knew Walter was gonna die right after his big inspirational speech about the world. Sweet and optimistic people usually die in the Walking Dead lol.

    Honestly though, I'm just glad that they were even PUT in the game at all. They were portrayed as really nice people, especially Walter. Hell Walter even had some character development. Watching him fall apart and seeing the nice lovable guy crumble away as he deals with the loss of his lover was a really intense scene. Telltale put some effort into them, and for that I deeply appreciate it as a gay man myself.

    Thanks guys, ;)

  • Fuck Walter. If you don't convince him to forgive Nick, he lets Nick die. I understand that Walter comes off as a very nice person(and he is for the mostpart, he can't even seem to bring himself to kill Nick himself) and that a lot of people don't like Nick for his immature personality and trigger finger, but Nick didn't deserve to die.

    Then again, I guess if you deliberately tried to get Walter to kill Nick because you don't like Nick or something, my argument doesn't mean much lol.

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