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No Mac Version Available?

posted by illustratedobjective on - last edited - Viewed by 11.8K users

Is there a reason why the Mac version for TWDS2E2 is showing available under my profile on the site and not yet available for download in the game? From what I have read in other post throughout the day is that the trouble shooting options being provided by the TTG support are not working!!
Can we please have an update for Mac users. Thanks!

  • Same problem here. This is so prepay for the entire second season and then not be able to download the game when it's released. My game also says "Coming Soon" for Episode 2 and I can't seem to download it even though there are already reviews of the entire episode posted all over the web. Clearly a lot of people have been able to download and play the whole thing, and that makes me even more frustrated. What gives, Telltale? Essentially every installment of TWD1 and TWD2 has been plagued with problems...why aren't these issues worked out before every single launch date?

    • I'm giving up for tonight. And not to belabor the point, but does anyone else get the sense that Mac users are treated like second-class customers? In my own experience with TWD1, TWD2, and TWAU, I've noticed that my iMac has been plagued with problems, some of which took weeks to be addressed satisfactorily. Reading through posts on the forums tonight, it seems as though Mac users have also had problems with other games as well, especially LAW AND ORDER: LEGACIES. Telltale, if you're going to sell season passes to your games, then you should make certain that these bugs are worked out before the product is launched and delivered.

      To those of us who paid months ago for TWD2, is it too much to ask for us to be able to play the game on the day it's released? And reading through responses in other forum posts, I just don't accept that the servers are overloaded and that's why I can't play Episode 2. You know by now how many users to expect on launch day, so it's insulting to make us think that you're surprised by the overwhelming response and attempts to download the game.

    • I have no idea. I've already had to deal with selection problems in TWAU, one day my save files were suddenly no longer recognized in TWD1- I was halfway through episode three so I had to replay everything - and now this. Definitely a love/hate relationship with Telltale.

    • No download for me either I just want to know someone is working on this for all of us MAC users.....I was really hoping to play EP2 tonight.....

      • I'm on Mavericks 10.9.2 I tried earlier to uninstall and reinstall to see if it would help matters any like it did for TWAU but it didn't ..... I have a iMac

  • same 4 me can't install second episode forMac

  • Mine installed and loaded fine

      • yea. macbook pro. did u re download

        • I downloaded the client only 2 hours ago. Also (temporarily) removed my Telltale-Application Support folder (e.g.. Settings and Saves), nothing changed (regarding available downloads). I'm running Os X 10.9.2.

          • well I'm running 10.9.1 so ima update then see i guess

          • Same here, starsailor. I wonder if this could be another Mavericks-specific issue (as happened recently with TWAU Episode 1, when Mavericks users were unable to get beyond a key decision point toward the end of the episode).

            I wonder how rigorous the testing is for these installments on different operating systems before they are released. It is no exaggeration to say that Mac users have faced glitches and other problems with virtually every installment of TWD1, TWD2, TWAU, and LAOL. Does anyone actually try to play these episodes on an up-to-date Mac system before deeming them ready to be released and promising customers they can download them?

            • Yeah. The thing is: I would be less surprised if I tried to run the game on old (outdated) hardware and an old OS-version, but on current gen-hardware plus the latest OS-version I can't think of a single argument why newly released software should cause such show-stopping problems.

              And lastly this whole mandatory in-app downloading is just a major inconvenience. I've only played Telltale's Tales of Monkey Island, but those were separate apps for each episode, and download was never a problem.

              • I really wonder if current generation hardware and software updates are actually tested. If you haven't played TWAU, then you're really missing out -- it's another love-hate relationship with Telltale (an amazingly entertaining and fun game peppered with irritating problems and glitches that should never have made it into the final release).

                In the case of the decision point problem I mentioned with TWAU Episode 1, there still has not been a permanent fix released. Mavericks users were given a "temporary workaround" -- basically involving moving directories around on their hard drives -- but Telltale staff were originally completely unaware of the problem and even said (at first) that they couldn't even reproduce the error locally.

                I just find it really difficult to believe that errors such as these would continue to happen if the proper vetting and testing were done before each release.

                With each new installment comes new frustrating glitches, and I for one am really tired of being a Mac beta tester for Telltale, especially when I am paying them for the privilege of doing so.

  • I'm also running Mavericks on a Macbook and still can't download. Downloaded to the PS3 no problem. And I had the same decision point problem with TWAU. I am very disappointed. Really hope this gets solved soon. I I did uninstall and reinstall, but still nothing

  • yep still nothing hopefully they fix for the MAC

  • This may be a useful number for contacting someone if nothing is fixed come morning time.

    TELLTALE, Inc.
    (415) 258-1638

  • I've already had multiple HUGE things spoiled for me just trying to navigate here for support to be able to download this game. Good job TellTale, thanks for botching this release for us.

  • Same here, Maverics, up to date, very current iMac (the first one without the DVD Drive), no download around... it´s so sad, i want to support the company but Steamkeys just seem to work better. :-/

  • Same here, still can't download the second episode of season 2. Running a macbook pro with mavericks 10.9.2. Come on TTG, help us out, we are paying customers you know... Treat us like it.

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