• Thank you. I can't stop thinking to myself how TTG missed such a golden opportunity with the "I thought you were dead" reveal. I just looked up a YouTube of the trailer for a long road ahead. Other then a 2 second show of Katcha holding Duck in the RV the players had no idea he was bitten. No idea of the cut wrenching scene of putting him down. Bottom line is TTG missed such a emotional unanticipated OMG scene that could have really shocked the player.

    After thinking about this something is missing overall in season 2. It is the unanticipated OMG gut wrenching deaths. Other then Omid's death we have not had any any real OMG deaths that were unanticipated. We knew Pete was bitten so his death was not a surprise. In a long road ahead Katcha, Duck, Carley all were gut wrenching deaths completely unanticipated.

    Where is all the frightening stuff that we should be seeing from a TWD game? I sure miss the after shots of a baby sitter all mangled bleeding out on the floor, random people who are bitten killing themselves right in front of you, how when a person or group is desperate he she or they would do ANYTHING to survive. Season 2 seemed toned down for me in the scary department.

  • Later guys I'm going to bed. Interested in the replies tomorrow!

  • It was too short Kenny should be dead and Rebecca shouldn't have carvers baby and walter is aisan and for only that reason I tried to save him. That's what I think

  • Don't really have any complaints about the technical issues aside from one response not playing completely. If there is one recommendation I'd like to give, it's that Telltale needs to find a way to make Clem competent that doesn't involve making the adults looks like idiots.

    Carlos: "Anyone got any ideas on how to do this?" Adult characters are baffled.
    Clem: "I got this." Flicks a lighter. Takes a key and puts it in a keyhole. Voila!

    I mean seriously? I'd rather see more cooperative problem solving in the future to be honest. Otherwise, I greatly enjoyed this episode. I'm sure I'll have more thoughts later once I get more mentally organized.

  • Ha. Yea.
    Meet someone new "hey Clem you do the talking".

    Take a look out for safety "hey Clem what do u see on top that tower"

    I made a thread months back about the playable character being a kid and it was pretty much for those reasons.

  • Hardest decisions ever! The whole hostage sequence was pure gold! Let me tell you, I had to swap T-Shirts cause I was sweating so hard from all the stress. The ending made up for most of the other flaws, in my opinion.

  • Starved for Help was overrated, and this episode is my personal favorite episode

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    I loved the game but i wish they made the wind turbine puzzle slightly more involved rather than turning a key and pressing the button, maybe something slimier to the train where you need to press more than one button or switch.

    • That puzzle was incredibly easy. That was the worst attempt at a puzzle I have ever seen.

      That the hell has happened to this company's puzzle making ability. Folks were complaining during BTTF and TWDS1 that the puzzles were too easy....

      What does TTG do make it easier!!!!!!!! After a 3 month wait and the best puzzle they could come up with was grab key insert here and push.

  • it is actually funny how everyone is talking about the engine in which this game is made, because i personally don't give a damn how good/bad it looks, since it is some kind of RPG/Adventure/Storytell-thing.
    And the graphics are in my opinion fitting, but that is not the point.

    my complaint about this episode, is simply, that the writer are lazy.
    which is funny, since we waited over 3 month for this very disappointing episode.

    compared to the first season it was a constant thrill and characters you loved and hated. even the ones you hated was something you loved, because you had some kind of fight. no matter if you liked ben or someone else, you always had some thing which could be considered an antipathy to this person aswell.

    in this season everything is made out of glas (sorry for the lack of words here, but english is not my native language)
    nothing really affects me and i give a damn about technically everyone, the closest connection i had was with the dog from episode 1, which was made nice and (until i killed it) well thought trough, sicne nothing would come close to the relation to clem and lee.
    so i was like: it's nice, it's a dog.. we can go on a journey.

    but what happened then?

    just bullshit.
    in season one you had the constant thrill of being hunted by this stalker guy, had to protect clem. had to keep the group calm or your loved ones safe.

    in this one?
    i dont really care about anyone.. everyone of them could die and i wouldn't give a damn.

    and why the writers are lazy? because they take out every "mindfucking" or "interesting" point of those characters.
    if it is the father or fakefather of christa (i guess that was her name, read as in: i don't give a damn what her name was, while i remember every relationship and name about season 1) which could have been interesting how this works out. if he will stand to her and the child, even knowing that it is not his. - bam, dead.
    what about the relation to nick, since he killed walters "boyfriend" - bam, dead.

    so everything which keeps you playing, which would be interested is brought up/build up by the writers and completely killed a second after.
    no some smart asses like you come up with: THIS IS THE WALKING DEAD.

    yeah, might be.. but i am not really interested in playing the next episode. everything which was build up is broken/dead.

    not like kennys fights in season one.. or "what will happen with clem" "what will happen with ben"
    those characters are completely boring and nothing which hooks me to them.

    season 3 will look like this:

    we are bound to go there. christa is sad that her husband is dead. she doesn't want to be there.
    clem is inbetweeen the chairs, still. is seen, like she even said herself, as someone who cant cope with anything herself.

    but one thing is still "nice" -> kenny and his new wife thing and her thoughts about him.. but since i was never really hooked to kenny i don't even care about this.

    (a cutscene would have been nice, about kenny fleeing from the ben-zombie situation.. but even his long fight and brave behavior is "killed" in under 3 sentences and never mentioned again.

    yes i do know, that i dont have to play it
    yes i do know, that telltale is awesome
    yes i do know, that it is the walking dead
    yes i do know, that it is hard work
    yes i do know, that i can be happy that they are so generous to produce a game selflessly to not earn any money.. oh wait.. i thinkn my sarcasm is on a too high level for the most of you here. - no offense.

    • Seriously dude? Who the hell you think you are?

      I don't care about your opinion on TWD or anything but "I think my sarcasm is on a too high level for the most of you here"?
      REALLY? It's the best you got? Couldn't find anything better?

      Man, take a chill pill and think about the things you say before actually saying them. Don't put yourself on a pedestal - look what happened at those who did.

      Learn from history instead of repeating errors. And yeah - everyone has opinions doesn't mean if you're not okay with them that you have to diss them or treat them as retarded.


    • I can't really follow I what your trying to say but I'm going to try my best.

      It looks like you do not feel there has been enough character interaction between clementine and the new group so you as the player do not care about them.

    • Your sarcasm isn't on a "too high level," it simply isn't good. You're not transcendent, you're poorly translated.

  • i can't find the edit button, so i guess i have to leave the format how it is, now idea why the forum messed it up.

    in addition: i really don't understand why so many people liked this episode or season so far. season one was perfect, this one is just.. bad.
    and if you would think about it objectively and compare the things which are important in this game (definitely not the graphics) you notice the differences yourself.
    also, i would like to say/ask, that if you downvote this post, be so fair and say something to this and prove me wrong, this is what this forum is for. downvoting just proves for me, how ignorant and immature some people here are. still: no offense.

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