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  • One of the most retarded post ever.

  • I waited until ALL of Season one was release and that is SOOOO much more enjoyable. Like owning the entire season of your favorite show! No Waiting...

  • Alright folks get read for the 3 month wait for episode 3!

  • Is it out yet?

  • hhmmm....lets see- of course its NOT. Its been few days after episode 2 man....but i like your optimism!

  • Let's hope that TTG begins the hype for "A Crooked Mile" soon

  • I was just thinking- How cool it would be if TTG brings us 3rd season! And then I saw that season 2 was confirmed in July 2013. ( right after Season 1 episode 2) So what does it mean? We cant hope that there will be season 3 or what? Maybe its to early to talk about season 3, but I just realy want it! So what do you think?

  • Well, theyre monthly installments, so if Ep.1 came out on decemeber 17th, then that means Ep.3 should be coming out February 17th

    Solved it!

  • And to think that TWAU was supposed to be on Episde 4 or even 5....

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator

    The Walking Dead is a very popular series, so I'm sure they'll want to continue it as long as they continue to feel confident they have interesting stories to tell in that universe.

    It's possible they'll announce season three at the end of season two, or possibly take a break from The Walking Dead for a little bit to branch out before coming back to it, like they did with the two year breaks between Sam & Max Season Two and Three or CSI: Hard Evidence and CSI: Deadly Intent (Telltale's second and third CSI game, respectively).

  • Yeah I thought about it too but I just cannot wait THAT much so yeah.

  • I think Carver will die in this episode..

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    Yeah I believe we will have more TWD to come I just don't think they will announce it as soon as they announced season two. I mean they have Borderlands and GoT to work on now too. I believe we MIGHT get confirmation it is coming by the end of this season but we won't know anything about it until 2015 and the earliest release frame I could see for it would be Fall 2015 if we are really lucky.

  • I'm pretty sure they are telling the truth.

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    Damn, just the thought of a possible 2 year wait for season 3 just makes me so sad but in the end it'll be worth it


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    good..that's good..is that good?

  • I'm going to keep track of this thread; I haven't played s2e02 yet and I won't until every single episode is out, since I'm getting tired of the delays and lack of communication from TTG and frankly, even if the idea of a game with episodes released every 4-6 weeks is cool, it obviously doesn't work.

    (I only found out about TWD when three episodes already were out and it only took a week for S01E04 to be released, so I never really suffered from the waiting during season 1)

    I have no intention of ruining the gaming experience with replaying the same episode over and over so yeah, I will wait. But only as long as the entire season is out by well, when? December? Later than that and I get pissed.

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    so much fun stuff if you search "soon meme"

  • AAAAAAAHH I dunno. They always make me wanna go there and rob the material and hack their servers and stuff so I can play before everyone else and don't have to wait.

  • I'm gonna slowly back away now, thank you.

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    Right. I'm done playing The Walking Dead for now. We can't expect anything until April so... Not much to do around here for the time being. Other than getting the upcoming episode for The Wolf Among Us.

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    Taking the way Telltale has been releasing these episodes into account, we can expect TWAU ep. 3 in early April, and can only hope we'll see TWD ep. 3 in early May.

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  • OzzyUKOzzyUK Moderator
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    Lets hope they work slightly faster now, i made a guess for the 2nd or 3rd week of May but i'm thinking of changing it to the 1st or 2nd week, i also correctly guessed late Feb or early March for episode 2 back in December

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    Lets see if my psychic skills work again :P

  • FreddeN93FreddeN93 Banned
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    Anything in May don't sound anything near sooner than we think. If it launch in May we're gut-shot with another long period of waiting like for A House Divided. If they want to live up to their word they have to release the third episode for The Wolf Among Us in late March, and go for the third episode for The Walking Dead in mid to late April. They still have their time frame up for display in their official FAQ of four to six weeks for The Walking Dead. If they can't live up to it; why are they still showing it? And like I said a few weeks ago while waiting for A House Divided they told me in a mail it's their top priority to release on time and follow their given release frame for future episodes. If they keep releasing episodes every two months well be playing the final episode this mid-fall. Same goes for The Wolf Among Us.

    My guess still lies steadily between April 15th and April 22nd.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but will Telltale do Playing Dead episodes every week until next the episode? If they do we could just use use logic to determinate how long it'll take.

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    I'm still hoping for the best, yet expecting the worst. It's the safest way not to be too disappointed.

  • No point to speculate. I want them to take as much time with each episode as long as they're THAT good.

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    It's no point to speculate this early tbh. That one I give you. But as a Season Pass owner I'd rather see my complete product arrive on time. But if they have to delay a release it wouldn't be a problem at all if they told us about it and give us the reason, and don't stay completely vague and quiet about it like they usually do during their famously called radio silence.

  • I think whoever you sat with will determine who will save you from Carver. Just a theory.

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    The catch is that they are developing two games in the same time. In 2012 they only developed TWD, so the time gap between the episodes was shorter (but still pretty long though). I think they are gonna release The Wolf Among Us in first week of April, and TWD in early May.

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    Here's a thread about getting a new IGN 'Playing Dead' episode every Saturday:


    If this is true, then hopefully they've got a date in mind, and that we'll get Episode 3 soon. As in the real definition of soon. They'd run out of things to talk about if this wait period ends up being as long as the last one... Unless they continue to be more like advertisements. I'm not complaining though; we've got at least something to look forward to! There technically won't be any "radio silence" now.

  • It is really good news if they actually do a Playing Dead episode every Saturday. Like I said then we can easily determinate how long it'll take to release the episode.

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    I'm almost sure that April 15th is our day

  • I really wouldn't throw in all your chips to bet on mid-April. I'm only betting on Early May.

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    ...If not April 15th; April 22nd is the latest we can go based on Telltale's time frame.

  • Exactly!

    Let's just hope that TWAU doen't get delayed again...

  • well atleast they're not saying "soon"

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    Ah not again, not again... Alt text

  • My guess is april 15th

  • it has to be 29th april

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