My predictions for the next episodes (3+4)

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Yeah i've got a feeling our 400 days characters are going to have a MAJOR impact on the next few episodes. But firstly, episode 3, i think we will get to see what Carver's group/community is like. I got a feeling that Carver is going to be a lot like the Governor, and the people who went with up in 400 days are going to be there too.
HOWEVER i think our group will be kinda like slaves to carver when he says something like "earning back their worth". Also Clementine will end up delivering Rebbeca's baby, who carver will take as his own.
Not entirely sure what will happen in episode 4, but i recon the people from 400 days who didn't go with us and luke are going to have a war of some sort, maybe Clementine and some other people will meet them after escaping, and now on a rescue mission to save the others+ Rebbeca's baby.
oh yeah almost forgot....FEELS LOADS OF FEELS
What do you think of next episodes ahead?


  • Here's roughly what I thinks gonna happen.
    In episode 3, Rebecca will give birth with Clementine's help, and either die in the process, or soon after, leaving the baby at least temporarily in Clem's care.
    War breaks out in the same episode, leading into Among the Ruins, where Clem regroups with survivors.
    Then, by now I think we'll be at Wellington, she escapes into the snow landscape with the baby to parts unknown.
    "No Going Back"

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