A letter from a fan.

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Dear Telltale Games,

Over the years, you have released several games. Titles such as Sam and Max, Back to the Future, The Wolf Among Us, and the Walking Dead are nearly synonymous with Telltale (to me, personally). While I would love to get the opportunity to play all of the games you have created, I don't really have all that much free time. Having only played and purchased both season passes for the two seasons of the Walking Dead, my opinion of you all is quite high.

Sure, there are games like Halo and Call of Duty, shoot 'em ups that may or may not posses an okay story. There are games like Mass Effect, whose story is better than your average shoot 'em up but still manages to somewhat focus on action and gunplay. While I realize that people do love those types of games, they aren't really for me. I love two types of games: massively creative, sandbox-y games (such as Minecraft and Garry's Mod, and on occasion, a bout of Grand Theft Auto V) and hardcore, story-driven games. Which is where I believe you fall under.

Your games aren't focused on action or adventure. It's about the little things. Interacting with other characters, getting to know them. Making new friends and losing old ones. There isn't anything quite like playing the newest release of a Telltale game.

As I come to my conclusion, I realize that the only reason I'm typing this up is just to thank you. I don't know how often you're thanked for the games you make, amid all the chaos of the 'y u no release on time' or whatever people seem to find a problem with at the moment. So, here I am. Thanking you. Thank you for the wonderful stories and developed characters, thank you for the people we've lost and the people we've met. Thank you, Telltale Games, for being awesome. Oh, and one more thing...

Keep that hair short.

A fan.

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