[Theory] _____ is a traitor to the group



  • I also thing Luke is too Nice!!

    I mean no one is really like that right? You can be nice to Clem because she's young and you want to make her feel safe adn stuff, but I don't know...

    In my oppinion Luke is either going to be the hero (he hide because he knew they couldn't defeat Carver and is going to save the group in epsiode 3 or 4) or he's a traitor and run to join Carver later or something.

    Also am I the only one to find it weird that Luke is not even mentioned in the preview and Nick does not show up if you save him?

  • Yeah, If you looked at the preview Clem was with Carver alot. I think they were a traitor group and the only thing Clem wants is Kenny and Luke but will we at some point have to decide which one we save instead of which one we sit with?

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