• I thought the screaming was Carver beating on Carlos.

  • That‘s supposed to be Carlos screaming when his fingers got cracked.
    Guess it backfires, not able to distinguish between a dog bite and walker bite.

  • Luke will come back with Nate and save the day, calling it now.

  • I have no idea why Luke disappeared. It is really odd given the relationship that has been growing between him and Clem. I suspect that Luke will try to come and save the day after the group is brought back to Carver's compound in Episode 3, and you will have to choose between Carver and Luke.

    • I like the idea that Luke will come and save the day. It would be epic: Rambo Luke.

      But I just want Telltale Games to avoid re-showing another "Omid Incident" style rescue. Luke sneaks in slowly, gets caught, shot in the heart. (Luke is arguably similar to Omid. I think both are kind. I also think both have a good sense of humor.)

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    Maybe you could change the thread title to something more like:

    "What happens to luke after you meet up with Kenny and Alvin and Nick die? (Spoiler about alvin and nick dying btw)"

  • I just checked and I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be Carlos, they just maybe left it unmuffled so you could see the effects of your decision. Also, when you pass the window and the screams start Clem looks TOWARDS the house, implying that the screams are coming from there and not outside.

    • Clem was facing the house too when she heard his muffled sounds so why does facing the house later then ultra louden his voice?

      But suppose it was. Even comparing the previous yells of Carlos to the one you hear, it should be Carlos' distinctive voice and hoarser than it was. Specifically, he has a Spanish accent. One which Nick made fun of while sitting at the bench by the very small house after the bridge :). Also my girlfriend watched me play the 2nd time and said 'That was definitely not Carlos.' It confused her so much haha

      I am not 100% confident since Telltale could have just screwed it up with the audio effect. But if intentional, then it begs the question. What did Kenny do to Luke and why?

      • I would check again. When they cut back to Carlos after going to Kenny the scream is the same. You also probably would have heard the outside scream even if you surrender, which you don't. And I'm just gonna point out, when you scream, it doesn't necessarily reflect the same voice you normally have, especially if you are a voice actor and you don't have a natural spanish accent. (The VA is the voice of Roman, too.)

        And on your question, maybe jealousy? I mean Kenny had his mind set on Clem staying, and Luke is getting in the way of that for him.

        • Haha alright, I might check a third time. :P

          I can add jealousy up there too. It makes sense since Kenny seems to fight with leader figures (Lilly for example he bickered with constantly) Especially all the more since he went off the deep end surviving solo at "an old restaurant" (and grew a massive beard). lol

          • I mean, I don't know, it could be someone else. The audio is quite off putting.

            And yeah, it always seems like a power-struggle with Kenny. The one thing I really want in the next episode are some explanations. Like, "how did Kenny survive", or "Where is Luke?", or even "da fuck is going on between Carver and the Cabin survivors" haha.

      • Screams have accents?

  • I'm pretty sure it was Carlos, as before you sneak out, Carlos' face looks normal, but afterwards, it is extremely beat up. If, however, it was Luke, and Ken did it on purpose, I'm gonna kill that shitbird. It's already hard enough to like him when he insults literally all of your favorite characters (Luke, Doug, Nick, Ben, Larry), but when he kills them? He's dead if that's the fact.

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    he is alive i guess

  • I think it's more likely that Telltale simply made the scream super loud for dramatic effect without realizing it'd be muffled from inside. It's possible that the scream wasn't Carlos, in which case it would have to be Luke. I wouldn't put either possibility past Telltale.

  • Please record this scream and upload it somewhere, i'll compare it with sounds from audio file and i'll find out who's screaming

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