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Who did you sit with? ( EVIL SPOILERRRRRRS )

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I sat with Kenny, was just so glad to be with him again. Luke looked oddly heartbroken for some reason. Kinda creepy that he is paying so much attention to an 11 year old girl right?

  • I sat with Luke.

    Kenny makes the same reaction as Luke does, too.

  • That was a hard one but I decided to sit with Kenny to see if I could make him softer towards the cabin group

  • I sat with Luke because I couldn't look at luke's sad eyes. dude he is very innocent but where did he go?

    • THe thing about Luke and Kenny is that their feelings towards Clem are the same so they kind off are jealous of each other...

      So I'm guessing they had some sort of discussion about what to do, and Luke knowing Carver knew how that would turn out. So he got to a safe place so he can go and rescue the group later

      • I have a feeling this is going to turn out to be like the Kenny v. Lilly leader thing with Lee in the middle during Season 1. Eventually we are going to have to pick a side.

        • Yeah, I agree. My only worry is if either Kenny or Luke dies and you need them to help you with something like Lilly abandoned the group or was left behind in Episode 3. You can still make Kenny have the 100% I'm coming with you option if you save Larry in the Meatlocker but I think you have to steal from the car and kill Ben to do that. I hope Kenny doesn't die.

          • I think almost everyone hopes Kenny doesn't die.

          • Well, I saved Ben... and still got Kenny 100%. Probably because I supported him in the meatlocker. It may seem wrong to help killing Larry, but we never knew if he was going to make it or not, and honestly, I wouldn't dare try to do cpr with someone who might take a bite out of my face.

            First time, I tried to save him, but logically... taking the chance that he might kill us all. Risk everyones life to save him... Kenny did have a valid point. First time I played and didn't help kill Larry, I just said that I couldn't do what needed to be done. Sort of apologizing for not doing what I needed to do.

          • I saved Ben and tried to save Larry and I still got 100% "i'm coming with you" at the end. I think it mostly depends not on how you help him, but on how friendly you are with Katjaa and especially Duck. If you "take care" of Duck for him, convince him to sop the train without a fight and generally be good with them, he'll be your best friend no matter what

            • Same. Except I'm not sure the train fight matters that much. My Lee fought and then allowed Kenny to beat the crap out of him. (The poor guy needed to vent, and Lee could take it.). He was still with me 100%. Actually, it even lead to one of the best lines in the game while he's pummeling Lee.

              • Kenny: I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I...I don't know what to do...
              • Lee: Stop...The...Train.
  • I sat with Kenny and felt so bad about it, but playing through again and sitting with Luke made me feel worse. Clementine has known Kenny for like....half a year maybe? Close to that? She has known Luke for a couple of days. Granted Luke pays a lot more attention to her than Kenny, but Kenny is still the oldest friend she has left. So that's why I chose to sit next to him.

    Luke is bonding with Clementine quickly. They have similar personalities so they hit it off well and he saved her life, so that should be reason enough for her to want to be friends with him. He also might feel like he needs to make it up to her for leaving her in the shed.

    • She's known Kenny for AT LEAST two years.

      • You might want to do your math again. Episode 1 to episode 2 was a couple months, the period between episode 2 and episode 3 is probably a few more months. The rest of the episodes were all a few days at max. Episode 3 is just fixing a train then riding it to Savannah, which wouldn't take more than maybe a day. Episode 4 is only 2 or 3 days, episode 5 is 1 day and Kenny is separated from the group before the end of the episode. There is then a very long period over which Clementine was NOT in contact with Kenny and thought he was dead, in between the two seasons and between the intro of s2e1 and the rest of s2e1.

        So no, I don't think she knew him for 2 years.

        But, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

        • Pretty sure he's on the money, actually. Season 1 took place over the course of several months. Clem was 8 when Season 1 began. She was 9 when that season ended.

          When Bonnie meets Clem and Kenny and asks what Clem's age is, Clem can answer "11." Even if Clem's off by a couple months, that would still be around 2 years.

          • ....You just proved ME right, not him. Lol. Clementine has known OF Kenny for 2 years, but she hasn't known him that long. She had known him for a couple of months, like you just said, then Kenny and Clementine got separated. In fact she got separated from Kenny at the end of episode 4.

            She knew him for a few months, not a few years.

            • With that nuance, I suppose you're right. To most people, though, once you meet someone, you've "known" them since that date.

              • That is why the term "used to know" exists. d:

                • Dude, it IS two years.

                  3 Month gap from S1 EP 1 - 2
                  About 1 week gap from Ep 2 - 3
                  Probably 14 hours from Ep 3 ( Ken in Ep.4 says he's known Christa for 12 hours)
                  A day Ep 4
                  A day Ep 5

                  A gap between S1 & S2, but Christa started showing, where as she wasn't showing in Season 1. So there must have been atleast a 4 month gap there, but she was heavily pregnant, so it was probably about 7/8 months.

                  S2 Ep 1 - 16 Months
                  S2 Ep 2 - A day probably

                  That's over two years.

                  BA DUM TSHHHHHHHH....

                  • Frostbite_Snipes is right. Yes, more than two years have passed between the first episode of Season 1 and the second episode of Season 2. But Clementine wasn't with Kenny for the vast majority of that period. She was only with him for probably a little over 3 months. 4 months max.

                    Saying, "I've known him for two years," about someone you only knew for 3 months two years ago would be incredibly awkward and imprecise phrasing. It would be more accurate to say, "I used to know him for a few months."

                  • Yet another person proving me right. She has known Kenny for the time she was with Kenny, only a few months. She has known OF Kenny's existence for over 2 years, yes, but she knew Kenny for a few months before she was separated from him.

                    Also, the fact that you don't even realize Episode 2 of season 2 was 5 to 6 days makes you less credible. They stated it. "It's been 5 days, why would Carver still be chasing us?" etc.

                • Ur arguing semantics

                  • Agreed, when most people say something like "I've known person x for oh at least two years" they aren't saying they've spent two years worth of time with them. They are talking about how long they've known someone. How close your Clem is towards Kenny and his family would depend on how you play season 1 with Lee. Kenny and Katjaa can both look after Clem and be protective of her more so if Lee and Kenny are close with each other.

                    On the other hand Kenny could seem a bit distant towards her at times, but he still demands that Lee feed both Duck and Clem first before he will consider taking food from Lee hinting that even if Lee and Kenny weren't close he still looked after Clem a bit.

    • In reality, Luke would understand why she wanted to sit with him and would not have been upset about it.

      • Luke doesn't know how well Clementine and Kenny know each other and he's clearly developing a bond with Clementine, probably a brother sister relationship, so it's understandable to think he would be upset Clementine chose Kenny over him. It's understandable for either of them to be upset. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST ALL SIT AT ONE TABLE? ;-;

        • OMG how funny would it have been if they had a " kids " table like they do at family dinners....and the only people sitting there were Clem, Sarah and Nick....LMAO NICK!!!!! the idiot!

        • Depending how you act that may make sense.

          But if your Clem runs up and hugs Kenny in the middle of two groups holding guns on each other though Luke should understand that there maybe something their with Kenny. If I was about to get into a firefight with a group only for a member of my group to run forward and embrace someone on the other side I would assume there is a deep connection there, and wouldn't feel to bad about them wanting to sit talk and eat with that person. That's just me though. He'll I'd consider it a good thing to get more information on what was going on.

  • I hate choices like this

  • I sat with Luke. I definitely trust Luke, and am kind of looking at him like Clem's new Lee. Especially after what they went through together on the bridge.

    Just because we knew Kenny, it doesn't mean we know the man he has become. The only reason Clem has made it to this point is because of Luke and his group, so while I don't trust them all, I'm not just going to turn my back on Luke now.

    The thing that really concerned me, is that while I have been supporting and siding with Luke most of the time, when Kenny asked me if I could vouch for the group, I told him that I couldn't vouch for everyone. The game said Luke will remember that. I hope he doesn't hold it against me. There are still some questionable characters in Luke's group, and they haven't exactly been honest about their past. I wasn't going to jeopardize the safety of the group in the ski lodge.

  • Sitting with Kenny, and if Luke wants to cry because clem wants to spend time with someone shes known for years, and was just reunited with... Well then Luke really is a sad person, and i wouldnt need sad people in clems life.

  • Choices like that are the best. I sat with Luke. Either way is sad but I really like Luke. Luke had more moments with Clem in 1 week than Kenny in nearly 3 months or something.

  • Sat with Kenny had to make sure he knew the cabin group was being followed.

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