Who did you sit with? ( EVIL SPOILERRRRRRS )

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I sat with Kenny, was just so glad to be with him again. Luke looked oddly heartbroken for some reason. Kinda creepy that he is paying so much attention to an 11 year old girl right?



  • I sat with Luke.

    Kenny makes the same reaction as Luke does, too.

  • That was a hard one but I decided to sit with Kenny to see if I could make him softer towards the cabin group

  • I sat with Luke because I couldn't look at luke's sad eyes. dude he is very innocent but where did he go?

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    Not creepy that he pay so much attention to an eleven year old; they clicked... would you say the same about Lee?

    That said I did sit with Kenny, if for no other reason than catching up purposes. I thought it would be kind of dickish to sit away from somebody I had known from three years ago and hadn't seen since to sit with somebody I had sat with a few days prior.

  • I sat with Kenny and felt so bad about it, but playing through again and sitting with Luke made me feel worse. Clementine has known Kenny for like....half a year maybe? Close to that? She has known Luke for a couple of days. Granted Luke pays a lot more attention to her than Kenny, but Kenny is still the oldest friend she has left. So that's why I chose to sit next to him.

    Luke is bonding with Clementine quickly. They have similar personalities so they hit it off well and he saved her life, so that should be reason enough for her to want to be friends with him. He also might feel like he needs to make it up to her for leaving her in the shed.

  • She's known Kenny for AT LEAST two years.

  • I hate choices like this

  • It wasnt 3 years lol

    I dont turst Luke ok

  • In reality, Luke would understand why she wanted to sit with him and would not have been upset about it.

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    I sat with Luke. I definitely trust Luke, and am kind of looking at him like Clem's new Lee. Especially after what they went through together on the bridge.

    Just because we knew Kenny, it doesn't mean we know the man he has become. The only reason Clem has made it to this point is because of Luke and his group, so while I don't trust them all, I'm not just going to turn my back on Luke now.

    The thing that really concerned me, is that while I have been supporting and siding with Luke most of the time, when Kenny asked me if I could vouch for the group, I told him that I couldn't vouch for everyone. The game said Luke will remember that. I hope he doesn't hold it against me. There are still some questionable characters in Luke's group, and they haven't exactly been honest about their past. I wasn't going to jeopardize the safety of the group in the ski lodge.

  • Sitting with Kenny, and if Luke wants to cry because clem wants to spend time with someone shes known for years, and was just reunited with... Well then Luke really is a sad person, and i wouldnt need sad people in clems life.

  • THe thing about Luke and Kenny is that their feelings towards Clem are the same so they kind off are jealous of each other...

    So I'm guessing they had some sort of discussion about what to do, and Luke knowing Carver knew how that would turn out. So he got to a safe place so he can go and rescue the group later

  • Choices like that are the best. I sat with Luke. Either way is sad but I really like Luke. Luke had more moments with Clem in 1 week than Kenny in nearly 3 months or something.

  • Sat with Kenny had to make sure he knew the cabin group was being followed.

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    I sat with Luke as I mean it is the least you can do after they have just took you with them and treated you as their own.

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    But Clem and Kenny already spent time catching up when they first made it to the lodge.

  • True, but i don't think theres a time on how long people can catch up with eachother. Luke has to accept Clem has more people she cares about apart from the little group she has just known for the last... week?

  • I sat with Luke. I like Kenny and all, but the cabin group has done far more for Clementine in a week than Kenny and his family did for her in nearly a year. Luke, Nick, Alvin, or Carlos alone had done more in that week than Kenny ever had.

    Kenny's a friendly face and I like him, but he's not Clementine's best friend. And I think it's pretty disturbing when he asks (or orders you) to "pass that" over to him, and he calls you Duck.

    Makes me worry the only reason he's friendly now is because he wants Clementine to be his Duck, and Sarita to be his Katjaa.

  • I only sit with Jesus,yo.

    No,just kidding.I first sat with Kenny,'cause Carlos said i should find shit out about their group and shit.But then Luke made the bambi eyes,and i replayed and sat with him,and then Kenny looked angry...



    In other words,different playthroughs,different choices.

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    after 3 full playthroughs so far, i went with kenny twice, and luke/nick once. it just felt like a more natural thing to sit with kenny. it was nice to be able to talk about kenny with luke/nick beforehand, but there was a much warmer reception from kenny. the new group still has misgivings about clem, and i think the way they treat you at the table kinda shows that.

  • Its disturbing, that he called her Duck? I thought it was really sad.

  • Kenny. Look what you have been trough with Kenny. Ain't gonna sub him with a guy i barrely know /long and still wont be 100% honest to me.

  • Ah, for me, the way Kenny was acting made me suspicious of his past. I preferred to continue the bonding with Luke,

  • And i respect your choice :)

  • When you consider how unhinged and on-edge he was acting, yes, a little bit.

  • The cabin group doesn't treat you any better or worse then Kenny does. Carlos, Alvin, Nick, Luke, even Rebecca show plenty of concern and care for Clementine throughout the episode, and none are hostile at the table.

  • Kenny is Kenny. Despite him being flawed, point is that we know Kenny. We don't really know the new group, and it doesn't f*cking help it when they DON'T TELL US ANYTHING EITHER.

    So I sat with Kenny. I told him I'm not sure about the other group, haven't been with them that long. Didn't vouch for them either.

  • Yes, exactly. The fact that they're not really down to share their past with you, even though you tell them everything they want to know, doesn't help with us trusting them.

  • That was a second hardest choice of this episode xD. I sat with Luke. I like Kenny a lot but i though i should be them, people who saved me. Told them Kenny's ok but very sensitive about his past.

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    it's not hostility but mistrust. when you sit with kenny, he asks you a little about the group and takes you at your word, and then moves into what you want to do. not what the group is going to do, but what clem wants. luke's group has carlos telling her to use her friendship to learn more about them, and then nick/luke questioning about kenny. while it's nice to talk to them about kenny, sitting with them, just felt like betrayal to kenny. sure, to each their own, but to me, hanging out with a friend clem thought was dead was a lot more important than stroking the egos of a group that still treats clem as a kid. they're starting to warm up to her, sure, but kenny treats her far more like an equal than anyone but luke does, and i don't trust him, even more-so after this episode. just something about what carver and nick have said about him, as well as how he reacts to some of the choices...

  • Sat with luke because I figured out the matthew thing at that point and was trying to warn them lol. I felt bad when I saw Kenny's sad face though. I'm used to Kenny's sad face. Lee saw it quite often.

  • I literally had to pause the game and pace around before I could make a choice!

    I really like both characters, but I sat with Kenny because we needed to do more catching up, and I wanted to know how he survived. I hoped Luke would understand, but I guess he feels that he's going to be replaced now that Clementine has found someone that she had known prior to him. Why do I have a feeling that we'll have to choose between them like how we did with Kenny and Lilly...

  • [removed]

  • I got that same vibe from that whole scenario. I feel like it's going to be just like that all over again. We're going to be caught in the middle of two clashing personalities and forced to choose.

  • Buddy, she knew Kenny for 3-4 months. Lee died not that long into the ZA, and around the same time Rick Grimes would have woken up.

  • I felt bad at Luke's sad reaction, but I sat with Kenny. He was someone Clem's known longer than 6 days, someone she is glad to find alive and Lee's good friend. Plus how excited he got when I said I wanted to stay at the lodge with him when Luke's group left was just icing on the cake.

  • Umm Luke is just a good guy. It's nothing creepy about him. He just wants to befriend Clementine. However, I chose Kenny too. When I first saw him my jaw dropped and I almost cried. Missed him. But he is on the edge... I mean the way he is trying to fight the past with all that fake happiness and all the jokes... that was literally heart breaking. Especially when he called Clem Duck. It was really really sad, proving that the past is actually the only thing he's thinking about and I fear he will snap sooner or later in the upcoming episodes.

  • And locked you in a shed without any medical treatment for your dog bite.

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    You might want to do your math again. Episode 1 to episode 2 was a couple months, the period between episode 2 and episode 3 is probably a few more months. The rest of the episodes were all a few days at max. Episode 3 is just fixing a train then riding it to Savannah, which wouldn't take more than maybe a day. Episode 4 is only 2 or 3 days, episode 5 is 1 day and Kenny is separated from the group before the end of the episode. There is then a very long period over which Clementine was NOT in contact with Kenny and thought he was dead, in between the two seasons and between the intro of s2e1 and the rest of s2e1.

    So no, I don't think she knew him for 2 years.

    But, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Hard decision, but went with Luke and the group. Would be good to catch up with Kenny, but I felt I already did during the talk beforehand. Plus, at the end of the day Clem's group is the cabin crew, and Kenny has his own

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