moai better blues hidden cave sequence

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I found something surprisingly weird during the part where sam and max entered the "hidden underground" cave in the "Bermuda triangle/Easter Island" in S&M season two, episode two: Moai Better Blues.

That whole "Feet" thing, which leads me to asking this question, "Did someone have a "foot fetish" while that sequence was still in production? or did they just added it for the hell of it?


  • The point was, they worshiped feet because they didn't have any themselves. And it's supposed to be funny.

  • I don't know why I'm saying this but, if there are plans for a S&M S4 game I wish in one (just one) of the five episodes in the game there would be a scene showing a close up of the bottoms of both sam & max's feetpaws (I think the scene would be that they were waking up after unknowingly being knocked out unconscious)

  • i am disturbed by this thread

  • Here's the Purcell version to tide you over.

    Sam and Max show off their feet

  • Referring back to the original post: not to mention, the thought of Moai statues having feet is ridiculous and kind of funny. At least, I thought it was amusing.

  • Sam and Max Season 4 ain't ever going to happen with Telltale. They are done with that.

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