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    Thats the same way I play. XD

  • Count me in as well. I'm really curious as to how TT will handle his character.

  • People! Carver avatars unite! we will be the new club kenny! LET US START A REVOLUTION!

  • Carvers a badass villain

  • Whatever his intentions, controlling his people through fear and strict punishment is insane. I can't condone it, especially since he straight up tortures Carlos in front of his daughter before executing the two people who are the least valuable to him. The guy's a sociopath, no matter how charismatic - and we haven't seen how good a leader he is, so it's not like he has that going for him.

    • I don't condone it, but if he does this to keep his people alive, and has survived like this for so long, i'm not going to stand against him, merely going to try to influence him into doing better deeds, this is only a issue if looking at it from a good/evil standpoint, but the fact is, it's black and white, maybe we can make him into a good leader who does whatever it takes to keep a absurd amount of people alive in a communistic community? doesn't sound terrible to me, communism works best in a apocalyptic setting.

      • Communism is only ever good in theory, even those who were raised in the USSR often attest to this; in practice it's broken and prone to the same exploitation by the upper class as any form of government. The same can be applied to Carver's way of thinking, as from what he's seen he controls his people through fear, imprisoning and torturing those who do not bend to his will until they are broken and will follow him, or dead. The issue isn't black and white because we really have no idea who he is, or what his history with the group is. While his means of leadership may be work well for the sake of survivability, it's clear that people do not thrive or truly live under his rule, or else so many wouldn't have sought to escape.

        • No, you are completely mistaken, USSR is not communism, it is a dictatorship pretending to be communism, true communism only works in a small community, like a mayorship, a community that can handle its needs through farming or other petty work, a survivor group usually functions off of communism, with one person calling the shots, and not hoarding the wealth of the group for himself like the USSR did, usually leading to starvations.

          Communism works perfectly, on paper and in practice, only in, a small community, a independent village would survive off of communism very easily, having hunters hunt for food, farmers farm, one person lead the both of them, someone to keep the water under control, people to keep watch on animals, all of this, would work perfect, with communism, and i'm not a communist, I believe in democracy, this is just fact, this community would survive on its own, be completely independent, self-preserving, and have NO income.

          A Huge nation like the USSR or China with communism? Fuck no, not gonna work, chinas only working because it has so many people, USSR had not even a fraction and was spread even further off, wasn't gonna work.

          • My point was that communism doesn't work, not even in small communities. Even if it did, there's nothing to show that Carver's group functions as one such community. They very much seem to function as a hierarchy, with Carver on top and Bonnie beneath him, considering she orders Johnny (was that his name?) around. Carver even says you can climb your way through the ranks of trust by doing jobs around the compound in the preview for Episode 3. Carver is clearly the man on top and the one to kiss up to, and we all saw how well that kind of community worked with Crawford.

            • Seriously, communism works, just in small communities, only way it works and only way it will ever work, there has been no communist state or practice done how i'm saying, your right about Carver being a big question mark, but I keep my point, if Carvers group has survived this long without dieing off, i'm giving him a chance if possible, and hopefully that chance keeps my group alive,

              And on the subject of communism again, its propaganda that it can't work, you just have to do it in a rural community like, a small village, as i've stated, a city? no, a small village where everyone knows each other, takes care of each other, feeds each other, and works together? it's not uncommon, especially not in history, it's just it was never called 'communism' even if it was, communism has been around since the stone-age in tribal settings, even the native americans did it just in a very different form, it does work.

              EDIT: Oh and uhh, I agree, carvers isn't communism at all, just mentioned it because I find it interesting.

              • You're hoping a guy who tortured one member of your group and killed two others after chasing you for a week is going to "keep your group alive"? Aside from what happened to Pete (which ironically happened because you were investigating victims you suspected were from Carver), you were doing a great job of surviving already.

                • I'm not so sure, Carver seems willing to give my group a chance and he only killed those two because of Kenny, only reason, seriously, he killed both of them, BECAUSE OF KENNY, it's kennys fault, that they are dead, he could have just came out and surrendered but he shot johnny and so he shot walter, if anything from a black and white standpoint, it was a even trade, and by the way i'm a moral extremist and know in every sense carver is wrong, but Kenny opening fire like that was just as wrong, it's not like he was shooting people before Kenny fired.

                  Oh and I agree with your standpoint, its right, you are right, but i'm going to go this direction because I think its right too.

                  • How was it just as wrong? I mean, sure, he was putting your group at risk by doing it, but he wasn't morally unjustified in shooting at a group who had bound the group he was with and then begun to torture one of them - in front of his daughter, no less. Kenny pulled the trigger, sure, but he didn't put a bullet in Walter or Alvin's heads. Walter was a stranger to Carver, so he killed him first. Alvin was an obstacle between him and Rebecca, which is why even if Alvin survives you see him badly beaten. When you take into account WHO he chooses to torture and kill, it becomes abundantly clear he was influenced by his own desires, which is a very weak trait to have as a leader. Kenny attempting to defend his friends while one has a knife to his throat is not comparable with shooting two bound men you sought out and attacked in the first place.

                    • Murder is murder, he didn't know the intentions, he could have yelled something, or done anything less aggressive, going his route he got walter killed, it was the wrong way to do things, if he did come out noone would've died, his reaction is accurate and smart, if they were bandits, it would've been the right choice, but they weren't simple bandits and although carver is rightfully nuts, don't you think that situation would've went MUCH better if he had just surrendered too? I just disagree with his methods, but your point is very logical.

                      • "He didn't know his intentions"? Really? Even though Carver came in with guns, bound everyone and began breaking Carlos' fingers while threatening to slice his throat? You can't apply black and white morality in the world of The Walking Dead, what Kenny did was an act of defending the group. If an armed robber breaks into your house with a gun and starts beating your friend who's sleeping on the couch and you shoot him, would you call that murder or an act of self-defense? Bandits come in all shapes and forms, and their mentality of hunting down your group and scouting both the cabin and the lodge are very in-line with the established behavior of TWD bandits. Even if they aren't out robbing people (which they could be, we have seen very little of how they function), they're definitely marauder types. As a character, Carver is interesting and I'm eager to learn more about him as Telltale seems to be revving up to try and paint him and his group in a more positive light/from the other side, but based on his actions alone I want nothing other than to put a bullet in him.

                        • He broke Carlos's fingers, he didn't shoot Carlos, Kenny shot a man, the murder started with Kenny.

                          Sure you shoot that guy, right? self defense, but now he just got up and shot both you and your friend, he just killed you in self-defense too.

                          In the end, Kenny knew nothing about Carlos or the others of that groups intention, he didn't know the full story, it may unravel that some big crap happened and Carver isn't a demon from hell and actually has reasons that are understandable for being so demented.

                          • He had a knife to Carlos' throat while his men were rounding everyone up. He threatened to kill Carlos if Rebecca and everyone else did not give themselves up, so he likely would have considering he knew about everyone thanks to his barging in on Clementine and Bonnie scouting out the lodge. If you kill a bandit, it's self defense, not murder. Kenny wasn't going to wait for Carlos' throat to be cut, he was going to take action. I'm not calling his actions well-thought out, but it was justified and not murder.

                            • I can see your point, but in my game it never got to the point of the knife being at his neck, I surrendered to save Carlos, so maybe i'm just alittle bit misguided here, but i'll still give Carver a chance, but you've redeemed Kenny.

  • I like the dude, lol he is everything a bad guy should be. Smart, Cunning, calm, Menacing.....and kinda handsome if im hounest lol

  • Good guy, hell no. He's one creepy motherfucker. Perfect villain? absolutely, for the same reason.

  • By the way, anybody notice that the last walker killed by Carlos, right before Carver and his three buddies gun down the remaining ones, look just like Michael Madson, the voice of Carver?

  • Oh, and yeah, he's a sociopathic cult leader. He needs a fitting, dramatic death.

  • I like Carver. not as a person, but he's shaping up to be a great villain. I can't wait to see where TT takes him.

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