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Are You Still Keeping Your Decisions?

posted by HiggsBoson2142 on - Viewed by 3.1K users

I've sworn to keep the decisions I make and do nothing else until the season is over, but this episode really messed with me. I was devastated when I learned that Nick could have been saved, but I'm still facing my consequences.

What about you? Did any specific thing really mess with you afterwards?

  • My boy Alvin! I was sooo tempted to go back and save him from dying but like you, I've sworn to never rewinding my original play through.

  • The only thing I regret on my playthrough was asking Kenny to take the shot when Carver had Alvin. That scene messed with my head because I first I was like "YES! You got him!" and then he got back up :(

    • Exactly!!!! I wasn't sure to press the "Shoot him" button until Kenny said "I have a shot!". Walter was a nice guy... And Alvin... Carver, you gonna pay this!

      EDIT: Oh, and I won't trust anymore at Kenny's aiming skills. ¬¬

      • Yeah I was sure Kenny was going to save Alvin, although I was panicking like mad during the whole thing haha.

      • Hey, he got Johnny, and he didn't totally miss Carver.

        That being said, I told him not to shoot because I remembered how good his aiming was in Season One.....

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          Kenny's aiming was bad in Season One? I don't remember, All i know i keep crying because Kenny is back...I keep watching that gif were he hugs Clem & makes me so happy he's alive, I am filled with so much joy i keep crying XD

          • I know, I'm so happy, and i'll be there for Kenny every step of the way. In some ways, he's more broken than I could have imagined... I'm happy to see him, but I feel so sorry for him at the same time. He never really got over what happened in Long Road Ahead.

            Also, Kenny wasn't particularly a bad shot, but he wasn't a good fighter, and I just assumed he wasn't a good shot. Then again, everyone in Season 1 always hit their target except when it was important. I like it now that they miss a lot more in Season Two.

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              GOUSTTTT BANNED

              You would think 2 years into the Apocalypse, That everyone would have a good aim by now XD

              I'm glad i'm not the only one who can't stop crying, I feel so stupid right now but i don't care, I hope Kenny lives through the Season, Same as Luke & Nick, Sarah too.

              • I'm hoping he lives until S3 at least, but I'm not going to predict anything until I can see how his progression goes in E3. Still, I'm desperately hoping. He's a very interesting character.

                And I knew that Kenny's aim had improved in S2(honestly, from what we've seen, he may be the strongest survivor in our group besides Luke), but I just didn't really think that it would let us kill Carver, and I didn't want to take the chance anyway. After Walter died, I just didn't want to risk getting anyone else killed.

                Seeing from what this Season has to offer, it may be the one that gets me to cry. I mean, I got misty eyed at Kenny's sacrifice, Duck's death, and the end of Season One, but I wasn't really crying any of those times. I'm just not someone who cries easily. ._.

    • Alvin will probably die in ep 3 anyway.

    • Same here, but I am definitely sticking with my decision.

      • Oh yeah I agree, I won't be changing my main playthrough at all. I must live with the decisions I have made, it's more fun for me that way. That being said I do have a second playthrough where I make good decisions.

  • I kinda regret my decision of saving Nicks's life. I don't trust him and i think he's gonna get even more people killed. I saved his life because i promised my good old friend uncle Pete to watch on him, before he sacrificed himself to safe my life. RIP uncle Pete, you'l be missed!

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    Yup, I actually got lucky with my choices this time around. Only Walter died in the lodge. Nick and Alvin are safe. I stopped Kenny from shooting, because normally when he thinks he's got things under control or he's being a badass, he fucks it up. Thank god my past experience with him was right.

  • Actually i think of replaying beacouse i got sooooo excited for Kenny that i missclicked and didnt hug him XD

  • I believe rewinding takes away a huge chunk of what makes this series so great. Tough decisions. This games really makes you think. And if you're rewinding due to consequences, you're losing what makes this game so unique. This is why I keep all decisions no matter what.

    • I was thinking about deleting my save so I could save Alvin, but you've convinced me to keep going with my decisions. Plus, who knows, maybe it will end up being more interesting without him, depending on how it affects the story/characters/situations. I could totally see them killing him off in the next episode anyway on their intrepid quest to rip everyone's hearts out. But you're right, it's all part of the game's magic.

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        K0t0 BANNED

        Yeah like that thing with the watch was a stupid copout, I had a feeling ttg would screw the pooch with that, it wasnt clever it was a backstab

    • i think rewinding might also mess up the game. When I rewound to let Nick die, at one point i got a hub where all the choices were "this choice is blank!" and there was no audio, on the xbox.

  • Thankfully, I aced the Episode and Nick and Alvin both got out of it alive. It sucks that Nick died in your game, Higgs :(

    But yeah, I live with my choices even when I screw up. I thought I failed 400 Days by only getting Vince and Bonnie to go, but kept that save anyway and now I'm sure as heck glad I did. Even dropping Ben, what I consider my greatest regret throughout the entire series so far, I kept, as hard as it was not to rewind. Correcting your "mistakes" takes away a bit of this game's magic. It cheapens it.

  • What I usually do is stick by my choices no matter what, but then I go through a second time and kind of... "clean up" on a separate save.

    I think the only thing I'll be changing this episode in a second save is taking blame for the photo. I felt so bad when Sarah got all "wait, aren't we friends"? I sort of feel bad for her, I actually know someone who has panic attacks often, so I can empathize with her.

  • What happens if U saved Pete?

    • He was bit, he dies anyway and gets attacked by walkers again so you can get away shortly after you save him. I promised him I'd keep an eye on his idiot nephew before he died though.

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