Just some suggestions on things that really annoys me

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Hey guys,

first of all, good job and congratulations on the fame and respect you guys earned in the industy with the amazing work you all do.

I don't want to bother you guys for too long, just few short little suggestions on annoying stuff i encountered on your games in the past.

  • skipable outro
    .please make the outro "on next episode" optional in the option menu or just skipable. I'm one of those who really don't like spoilers and even the slightest spoiler kinda destorys my overall experience. at the moment I have to run out of my room or turn of my tv after every finished episode and that really isn't cool.

  • credits skipable
    .I have no problems to watch the credits after a finished episode and listen the the really stylish music, but when I go to the option menu to relisten the credit song it's just annoying that i can't skip it after i had enough... or as it happend to me last time, i missclicked and got forced to watch the whole again...

These are just very small changes to the game, but should be worth it i think.

Greetings Iba


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