Crash at Start up

Hey there. I just downloaded The Walking Dead Season 1. I am able to open the game but every time I click to play episode 1 the game will load for about a minute and then crash. Here is the link to the tool data:

If someone could please help me I would really appreciate it. I can't wait to play this game! Thanks! :)


  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike ModeratorTelltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. After looking over your support tool, it seems your computer's graphics card does not meet the minimum system requirements to run the game successfully. Where we require a minimum of 512mb of dedicated memory, your graphics card is currently running at 127mb of dedicated memory. I recommend either updating your graphics card's drivers, or upgrading your graphics card entirely. I apologize I could not be of more assistance.

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