• Although I cant say I 100 percent believe your theory but it honestly does make me reconsider just what Luke and Carlos were talking about.

  • Good theory. Kinda would explain what Luke was "complaining about". Probably annoyed kenny enough to make him want to send him away so he could get outta there.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. I find it extremely hard to believe Kenny could kill him with the lack of weapons they had, no gunfire sound being heard, Nick being with Luke moments before, and Carvers group making no mention of having killed Luke. Him being a traitor is also too far fetched because it makes things complicated for both sides, especially Carver, who clearly wants to be with Rebecca and the baby. I doubt Kenny would just let Luke to run off without saying a "hey where are you going" or "why you running away" so Luke must have known this and gave every reason to make Kenny want to tell him to leave.

  • Yes , I'm sure Luke is looking for people to help overthrow Carver.

    And by the looks of the slider, Eddie is gonna be in it.

    Though, I have to wonder now that you mentioned it, if Carver was so worried about Rebecca and the baby, if she stood up to him and threatened to kill herself if he kept killing the people or something, I'm sure he would have stopped.

    Carver would never do anything that could kill his baby, from the looks of him.

    Rebecca, y u no blackmail?

  • This is actually a pretty good theory. I'm not sure I go along with this completely, but it's a nice explanation that makes sense.

  • No one else agrees or disagrees???

  • It would be great. I really liked Carlos. He is smart, Carver said it himself. Luke isn't that smart but he is strong and that's why Carlos made him do it. Your theory is something that I REALLY liked, especially after reading all this Kenny-Killer stuff.

  • The whole thing about Kenny being unstable and rivalry that's clearly seen between Luke and him makes me think Kenny might've killed him. Even though I highly doubt it I just can't get it out of my head.

    And yeah, your theory seems pretty probable.

  • Thanks for this I was starting to worry that I couldn't trust Luke. Now I have this to think about.

  • Wow I didnt think about that. That's a good one. I cant think of any other reason of why Luke would randomly disappear in a moment of crisis.

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