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Do you still hate Rebecca?

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Myself, I'd always argued in her hate threads that her behaving like she did in EP1 was just because of her pregnancy hormones and whatnot. I knew it from experience...

I'm glad I did not blackmail her.

She was so nice to Clem in EP2, and when she let her listen to the baby's kicks, I was smiling like an idiot. It was such a sweet scene!
And she also confides her secret to Clem anyway if you hadn't blackmailed her in EP1. I do think she is really sorry for the way she acted in EP1.

Her love for Alvin seems so sincere too. "I love you , silly bear!"

On my first playthrough, I accidentaly let Alvin die, and oh my god, that was so damn sad. The way she was crying and screaming his name... I just had to rewind it to fix it :[

  • I'm glad she apologized, but nothing's changed.

  • Because Rebecca warmed up to Clem and even apologized that redeemed herself in my eyes.

  • i'm happy that she didn't just turn into the larry of season 2 like we all thought i actually like her now :3

  • I grew up with mostly women around me so I understand her bitchiness...sorta. But, I'm also glad I didn't blackmail her in episode 1. Most people chose that option, but I never regret mine.

  • I'm really impressed about the way Telltale turned her character around, I mean, I knew that they would, but they did it so damn well. I'd consider Rebecca a friend now, sure. I actually like her more than Nick now. Can't really blame her for how she was acting in Episode 1(well... you can a little), I'm glad that I didn't blackmail her.

  • No. As long as she keeps acting this friendly, I don't have a problem with her anymore.

  • At first when she started yelling at me about opening the door (even though I didn't) I thought "I still really hate you". But when she said sorry and as the episode went on, I forgave her. She even asked if Clem was alright when the Walkers attacked the lodge.

  • I actually like her now. She's really improved, and even though this complete 180 is a tad strange, I like it. I'm glad I chose not to blackmail her back in Episode 1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Rebecca is pretty nice.

    • I actually would consider her complete turn around bad writing. To set up a character so solidly with certain characteristics and then to just completely abandon the traits is idiotic imo. I like her new character more,but you weren't supposed to like the original character. It's like if we saw Nate shoot those people then wall outside and be all 'oops, my bad, won't happen again.' (And continue his new characteristics from that point forward.)

      It just doesn't really make sense to me.

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        Deceptio BANNED

        Well, she didn't trust her at first and her hormones are still all over the place. She's gained more trust in Clementine and again, her hormones are giving her mood swings.

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          K0t0 BANNED

          My gosh I knew there would be atleast one loon apologist who would retort "zomg not bipolar writing it was hormones herp derp"

          • Uh, I've been saying it since when back episode one got released. I've always defended her on the hate threads.

            I take it you've never actually dealt with pregnancy and the hormones and mood swings it encompasses occasionaly. I knew from experience what it can do, that's why I was willing to give her a chance.

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              K0t0 BANNED

              Wow did you literally use the "omg I bet you" argument? Wow kid, you think a fictional character is real then act like Im the one who needs social skills, lol.

        • She trusts her more after one day.... A day that leaves one dead and one mia. More terrible character arcing.

          • Doesn't she straight up say she was projecting on Clem though? I mean if she legitimately didn't trust her I see your point but most of what she throws at Clem actually applies to herself (secret connection to Carver, draining the group resources). I guess it doesn't bother me as much since both Alvin and Pete explain she's not quite herself or putting up a front. Plus the bathroom scene.

      • She also was angry and yelling at Kenny and company when they got to the lodge. She was scared Clem was a scout of Carver's, and thought she was bit by a walker. Once she found out neither of these were true she apologized. I'd say that initial bitchiness and distrust is in her character, not permanent hatred based on incorrect first impressions.

        • She was still b itchy after Clem was proven not bitten, that point is moot. She trusts her after a day? Where one of them dies and one of them goes off the deep end? How exactly did she earn that must trust? Must have been when she let carver into their house.

          • Sorry for the spelling and overall grammatical errors, my phone is nuts...

            • Np, typing on a phone is a pain I know. Yeah she was bitchy, but at the beginning of the episode she asks you to help find Alvin, and he turns up alive. Then like Clem said in my playthrough, Carver was coming in either way. Then there's Carlos thanking her for hiding Sarah, and you helping Nick find Pete's body if you saved him. Then after the five day jump you find some food for them, and help Luke clear the bridge. It made sense to me, because you were making yourself useful.

      • I think what mainly threw me initially was her saying 'Clem' instead of 'Clementine' . But much like Luke that may just be her over-compensating for the initial behavior. I like her a lot better now but we probably haven't seen the last of mean Bec (she warns us of such, I think).

        What I really appreciated, is them acknowledging that she would be putting a drain on the group's food resources and how that makes her feel self conscious and a burden. And also that she's likely feeling as isolated being the only woman of the group as Sarah is being the only girl.

      • Shes preggers, us girls do have our strange mood swings. If anything it's good writing :P

        • I'm OK with mood swings... pushing death on a child and then remarkably soon after asking for the child's opinion on what your unborn son's/daughter's name should be is ludicrous.

    • It's good characterization, I mean they fooled almost everyone about her being another Larry.

  • Yes, now with Kenny around I hope there's still some salt licks lying around in whatever supermarket Carver used as a base.

    I hope those blocks in the background are good enough to crush skulls

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  • I was pleasantly surprised at her change in attitude, she is far more likable now. It was nice to see her apologize to Clem in front of everybody, she doesn't see like a bad person honestly.

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