• I will be very general: My favorite episode, and the best thus far.

    • Of both seasons? yeah. I can see what you mean, it felt quite lengthy with more focus on the dangers of humanity more than else, action cut for more bonding time and stuff. Overall on my top five episodes :D

      • My top three would be this:

        3: No Time Left

        2: 400 Days

        1: A House Divided

        • mine would have to be

            1. A New Day (The one to start it all, can't beat it :P)

            1. A House Divded

            1. No Time Left


          • A New Day is probably my least favorite. It was them just getting started, every episode has more or less gotten better since then. Well, I actually like Long Road Ahead more then Around Every Corner, and All The Remains is probably just below No Time Left in my opinion, but besides those episodes, I think they've basically gotten continually better.

            I also realized that I put them the wrong way. I fixed it now.

  • i actually sat very quiet as kenny and carver started killing people. i laughed my ass off. serves them right for putting locking clem up and keeping sarah in the dark.

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