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Just bought The Walking Dead Season Two and cant get it to download

posted by DizMartin on - Viewed by 365 users

I just purchased the Walking Dead Season Two Season pass. I have gone to the page where you can download it, I choose download for PC, and it just sits at 57 minutes and then it fails. What gives?

  • By the way, I am using Windows 8, and I have tried downloading in both Firefox and IE, both of them get to about 5% and stick, and then fail. I have a brand new computer, and I played the first season on stream just fine.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      If you have tried different web browsers, please also try clearing the cache of those browsers before attempting the download.

      If you are still unable to download the game, please try restarting your computer and/or resetting your internet access point, and try again.

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