Australian release date for Ep2?

I've been super impatient waiting for episode 2 to go up on the PS Store, nothing yet, anyone know when it will be up?


  • This game is legal in Australia?

  • Find a guide online about setting up a U.S PSN account. I'm in Australia and did it 2 years ago and haven't had to put up with a delay for TWD since.

  • I did that eventually, but it won't let me play it on my Aus account (assuming because it isn't out yet) does this mean I can only play it on my US account until it comes out here?

  • It is already out it has been out for over a day now

  • I can't see it, assuming you are on the US PSN store though.

  • Okay so I bought the first episode on my Aus account, and the next one on my US account but I can't play the second episode on either account, it's like it's disappeared, help :/

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    I'm from Aus but I got it via Steam (Seriously come on guys PC always gets games released first!) on the 5th (Due to time differences)

  • not dark souls 2 though :(

  • I got it on PS just for an easy platinum originally, now I'm hooked. However the new episode I got on my US account won't work on either accounts, boo-urns.

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    i'm on steam and xbox but psn got it released the day steam got it released so you should be able to see it and I am on a aus account for both so it should be on psn for you

  • Similarly I'm waiting for that goddamn EU PSN release date. Already played on PC, but I need it on PS3 to make videos :/

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    I assume the problem is you bought ep1 on the Aus account and ep2 on the U.S account. Ep1 won't identify ep2 because its from a different marketplace if you follow, a possible fix would be to purchase and install ep1 on the U.S account and delete your original (Aus) ep1, although if you downloaded season 1 from the Aus psn this could leave you unable to import your decisions into season 2. I downloaded season 1 and s2 (first 2 eps) from the U.S psn and I can still play them on my Aus account, even though they aren't released here at the time, so there shouldn't be any issues there.

    It just sucks that there isn't a synchronised worldwide release for TWD on Psn like there is on Xbox Live.

  • I ended up buying it again and it works now, just annoying how I have to start again. Also annoying how it isn't out on the EU PSN yet which caused me to do this!

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