• The way i see it is: Crane was was framed and has no knowledge of the murders. There was way too much evidence at the crime scene in the hotel that pointed to Crane, which means he was being set up by somebody that wants him gone. I do think he was actually getting with prostitutes that were glamoured as snow in that room, but the murder mustve taken place after he had left the hotel.

    • Bluebeard? I mean it would make sense he might of wanted to get into the position of deputy mayor he does have a history of chopping young women's heads of and why would Crane kill Faith although Crane was acting weird when Bigby picked up the glamour box and why would he put a photo of him there like you said it's probably a set up and you do see Bigby angry at Bluebeard while Bluebeard is smirking in the photo for Episode 4:(Wolf In Sheep's Clothing) and why did Crane want the Woodsman being interrogation but Tweedle Dee is he his boss ?

  • The title...I should've been "big bad theories and clues"...ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY HAVE THE WORD BIG IN A SENTENCE AND NOT JOIN IT WITH BAD.Especially here.

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