• It would DOPE if Lee returned but yea, no chance that was gna happen but yea I'd choose Lee & Kenny was such a douche in S1 but I like him more than Luke

  • I was really happy to see Kenny come back, I don't care if it was unrealistic.
    But again Luke is a character I care about equally (don't know why, but he seems to e a nice guy). So I am really torn between the two.

    I guess Telltale is pretty good at putting us in a situation in which we have to make really hard choices.

  • Id rather Christa came back but Kenny acting crazy might be interesting so Im down with it now.

  • I'd be more happy if Lily came back... Kenny was kind of different, and I feel like his story should've ended there, because he went for redemption and it was a satisfactory ending.

  • I wasn't in favor of Kenny returning but I think it was handled pretty well. Also the place he's in mentally is interesting. I'm interested in his relationship with Sharita. Does he have real feelings for her or is he just replacing Katjaa?

    I still think we'll see Christa again and I hope so.

    Generally I don't want characters back because I like them or I'm on "team x". I don't understand that reaction at all in a story like this. I want characters back who still have interesting stories to be told or who will introduce interesting tension.

  • I was way glad to see Kenny again. Don't get me wrong, I like Luke and hope he's all right, but Kenny and I go back. We go way back, man.

  • Lilly would have made more sense, but its hard to imagine Clem giving Lilly that same ultra-satisfying hug under the circumstances they last saw each other. Moreover, I think a returned Lilly would have been even more polarizing than Kenny.

    So yeah, it was probably the best available choice. I don't think we'll ever get an explanation of his survival that makes the least bit of sense, though.

  • It was never going to be Lily because she was never presumed dead by Clementine.

  • I'm glad Kenny is back... kind of glad. He was pretty much douche to Lee in my personal S1 playthrough, so, even though he's a friendly face, I'd really prefer Christa or Molly (yes, I, know, she doesn't suit fort ITYWD thing, but still ) back - them i really liked and bonded to.

  • Originally I didn't want Kenny back but I knew it was most likely going to be him however unrealistic it was. That was part of the reason I didn't want him back - I couldn't see anyway of him getting out alive and we still don't have a real explanation as to how he did. The other main reason being in season 1 he was very angry and depressive. I completely understood why he was that way considering what happened but he seemed to hate you if you didn't side with him 100%. I sided with him the majority of the time (I tried to stay neutral as possible in the Lily Kenny fights and couldn't kill Larry because I tried to save everyone no matter how much I liked or disliked them) and then because I didn't side with him 100% he resented me for having a different opinion.

    HOWEVER I still ended up hugging him. I figured it would be what Clem would do seeing a familiar face. Then after talking to him, he doesn't seem as angry and depressed as much anymore - yes he still has a temper and has gone a little insane but I like that more than season 1s angry depressive Kenny so he has actually grown on me!

    Personally I would have preferred it to be Christa or Omid. Despite the 16 months later time jump I still want to believe Omid is alive. I just can't believe he'd die in the first ten minutes of season 2! I know it's extremely unlikely but... and yeah even though Clem has Kenny from S1 now, I still want her to reunite with Christa.

    My Ideal group would be: Lee, Carley, Omid, Christa, Molly, Luke and I guess S2 Kenny. This isn't included anyone from 400 days but I would totally add Vince and Eddie. Nice Bonnie and maybe Wyatt and Russell (purely so Wyatt and Eddie can be reunited and along with Russell they can run into Nate and realize Russell's psycho was also the one chasing them.)

    Plus Vince, Eddie and Nice Bonnie From 400 days

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