• Maybe not all of them are evil. But yes I think whoever went with Tavia is going to appear soon or later.

  • I think Bonnie has just been manipulated by Carver, I'm sure she'll go back to being good when she spends more time with Clem.

    • You could be right about that.. perhaps (since a very long time has passed between 400 days and Episode 1/2 season 2) Tavia's community WAS good, but somehow things f**ked up and Bonnie went with Carver. And the others are someplace else.. like, with Eddie.

      • I'm sure Tavia is from Wellington up north and that's where the other 400 days people will be at. Bonnie is a drug addict remember so maybe Carver offered her some Meth or something.

  • What if Carver is the "good" one and Luke is the bad guy? I don't know, this is an option.

    What about the guys who stayed at the camp and didn't followed Tavia? Are they dead? We don't know.

    • I seriously doubt Carver is "good", not one good man would break someone's fingers to get an answer. There's no way he is a good guy.

      Lee is a good guy, he would never break someones fingers just as a torture method.

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