Could Clementine be a leader?

edited March 2014 in The Walking Dead

Do you think she is mature and daring enough to be the leader of a group of survivors? After playing "A house divided" she seems so involved with things and always on the frontline being able to make the right choices which keeps her people alive etc

I know she's only an 11 year old girl but she has more guts than whoever is left from the cabin group!


  • She has the potential but people will easily step on her and take advantage

  • Only if she stays with Carver...

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    My Clem has already got dat leader mentality

  • I think she is not enough "old" for this role, but if this happens in near future, then i'm not sad.

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    People are starting to respect her more after they've met her, when they first see her they obviously think oh it's a helpless little girl but as soon as they get to know her they treat her like an adult.

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