Did Telltale miss a golden opportunity in episode 2?

Before I go any further, I want to make it absolutely clear that I'm overjoyed Kenny's back. Of course, being a fan of his, I'm a little biased that way, but nonetheless I don't want to make this thread seem as if I'm the slightest bit ungrateful.You never know when Telltale could punish you for whining. (cue scared emoticon face)

All the same, I wonder if Telltale missed out on a potentially mind-blowing plot development in episode 2. What if trying to rescue Larry in the meat locker resulted in Lily being at the ski lodge instead of Kenny? Both Kenny and Lily share enough character traits for her to easily slot into Kenny's role in part 2, and Sarita could have been flip-flopped with another character of the opposite gender, thus keeping the flow of the narrative basically the same.

I realize Telltale already has an absurd amount of story variables on their plate to deal with, and this would have probably caused the entire staff to go on a killing spree (not to mention doubling their budget to pay for additional VA's), but I think it's undeniable the entire fanbase would have gone completely ballistic - in a good way.


  • Nah, Lilly is nuts and left you to your destiny when given the chance to. Also she was meant to be with Woodbury and that only got changed because of Kirkman's novel.

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