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Easy Way To Release Mac & Linux Versions?

posted by Poz3D on - last edited - Viewed by 157 users
There seems to be a lot of chatter on the forum about getting Telltale games to run on Mac OSX or Linux. It looks as though native Linux and Mac versions aren't going to appear any time soon due to the need to completely rewrite the game engine.

I was wondering, have Telltale considered using technology like CrossOver Port from Codeweavers or Cider from Transgaming to deliver their games to Mac and Linux users? That way, the Windows version of the game could be placed in a wrapper and run on Mac and Linux systems. This seems to work well on a Mac with games like Command & Conquer 3. Another side benefit is that updates would be easier as only one code branch would have to be maintained.

What do others think?
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  • I hope so, my PC doesn't have very good internet.
  • But your MAC OSX and Linux machines do have good Internet? :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I'm typing this now on a Linux computer, so the customer in me would love to have a Linux version! I have a nicer monitor on the Linux machine than I have on the Windows machine. :)

    If I would look at it from Telltale's standpoint, though, officially releasing a game and saying you can run it on these other operating systems using these other products means you kind of have to also offer support when it doesn't work for someone. If the reason it didn't work is because of some flaw in the Codeweavers product, what are you going to do? If there were a huge demand, it might be worth taking this risk anyway, but if there were a huge demand, it would be worth writing a native engine so you wouldn't have to use CrossOver or Wine or anything else in the first place.

    So get all your friends to install Linux and create a huge demand!
  • Or you could just use Wine on Linux (or Crossover on Mac) and look at one of the threads in the support area that explains how to set these games up. I have them all running happily on my Linux workstation - even SBCG4AP. :)
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