• If I was Carlos/Pete, I would have the mentality of "Hm, this little girl survived for 2 years in a Zombie Apocalypse. She can clearly handle herself. And remember what Chuck said. You're not little, you're not a girl, you're not smart, you're "alive".

    As for Carlos' trust, he probably just thinks Clem had no other option, so she did something desperate. And in my game, I apologized to him.

  • I don't agree on most of your topics aside from the wind turbine... seriously telltale? How the fuck did that sound like a good idea? That just doesn't add up....

  • They trust her because her awesomeness is palpable.Watch it,don't tickle the girl's aura!

  • In this world kids would grow up fast and it would be more like it was hundreds of years ago when childhood didn't last nearly as long as it does now.

  • What I don't get is why she always has such a sour face on all the time... I mean given she's seen most of whom she loves killed or turned into zombies, but still! When Luke makes jokes with her she just stares and pouts at him. And then when she's talking to Alvin in the house after the bridge, she looks at him like he just took a shit in her cereal.

  • I expected Clementine to behave like a much older girl, almost like an adult. However, the way adults treat her surprised me at first, but after questioning their reasons, I think I get it. Maybe it's exaggerated sometimes, but still, it makes sense.

    First of all, just think of everything she's been through, everything she's witnessed... She grew up really fast. Lee was the one who made the first steps, he taught her how to protect herself, he trusted her, he had faith in her. He knew that she was going to become a survivor. Christa played an important role here, also... I'm sure that after Omid died, she did her best in order to keep Clem alive and taught her a lot about survival, about stuff that adults usually have to deal with... In the zombie apocalypse, you can't let a child be a child for too long. It may work as long there is someone to babysit that child, but if he or she ends up alone...

    Now, remember that the cabin group didn't care too much about her being just "a little girl" when they first met her. It's the same here. They trust her more now and they don't see her as a child, because after all, she never really behaved like one in front of them. They all saw how she handled that horrible situation alone, after they locked her up. It does feel out of place to ask Clem to do some things, but... There is no choice in some cases anyway. For example, when Carlos asked her to watch Sarah, that was his only option...

    I remember thinking this while playing No time left... I knew that she was going to have to manage alone, that she was going to change a lot and learn how to solve a problem... It was one of the reasons I had her shoot Lee. Firstly, I didn't want Lee to suffer anymore and turn into a walker... And secondly, it made sense to start preparing her already. There was no running anymore from bad things... Little by little, I realised that she was going to have to do a lot of unpleasant stuff in order to survive. She's a smart girl and I'm not surprised that sometines she can handle things better than adults.

  • I have a question that maybe looks dumb and have nothing to do with the thread,i think i just missed the part where they reveal it, but here it goes:Sarah already know about the walkers?

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