Here We Go Again

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Get ready folks for Kenny to start giving Clementine shit for not going with his plans, just like Season 1.

I don't know if any of you noticed, but if you give yourself up at the lodge you hear Kenny say something like " At least I wasn't the one to give myself up at first chance" in the episode 3 preview.

If Kenny's gonna act like the way he did in season 1 if you didn't go along with his plans then I'm gonna wish he died in that alleyway.


  • Well Thats Kenny Ya'll, Out of the 109883 people who wanted him to come back I'll probably be one of the few not to take it back after he starts pulling some of his Shit !

  • Ken rocks no matter what :)

  • I'm pretty sure that Kenny is going to go easy on Clementine this time around as she is a child this time. He's bound to have some standards with children not agreeing to his ideals as opposed to adults, I can't imagine that he would do that.

    But if Kenny does start treating Clementine the same way as he did to Lee regardless, then I am not going to be pleased with him.

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  • Don't get me wrong, I love kenny, but I don't need Santa Claus pointing out all my wrong decisions.

    Especially when he gives up to save Sarita, after taking a shot when Alvin was hostage like it was no big deal.

  • I know I am one of the few, but I really wanted it to be Lilly. I've never fully liked Kenny, and I know hes been through a lot, but he was already starting trouble with Luke, and Nick.

  • They could use this as an opportunity to develop his character further. Otherwise yeah, it would've been pointless bringing him back just to do the same old song and dance.

  • Is that thread all you can post, Mag? It's starting to worry me :\

  • So if someone didn't follow your plans you would just love them? Be realistic, dude. What makes friends is backing them up in difficult times. Not disagreeing with them and expecting them to drool over your presence.

  • at the first when saw him i was happy but when he was started to working on himself plans i was start again hate him :P

  • LOL. You sir get a thumbs up for the Santa Claus comment.

  • Maybe you get a choice to tell Kenny he's wrong and then he figures out that he's not right about everything.

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    Ya, and I would appreciate it if Kenny respected my decision in helping out my friends. I did what I did to help out Carlos and Alvin when they were in need. Even Kenny eventually gives up when Sarita gets put at gun point. It was easy for him to take that shot when there was a gun to Alvin's head but the moment his girlfriend is put in danger he surrenders like a sad puppy.

    And what Kenny also doesn't realize is that we had no clue were he was at the moment and Carlos was losing fingers fast. I wasn't risking my friends for the slight possibility that Kenny would come back and kill the 3 machine gun armed men.

  • Welp, Kenny never criticized me, so you guys just aren't pragmatic enough.

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    Your friends? You've known them for two episodes and they're still shady as all hell. If any of you have faith in this group at this point you're gullible insects marching towards the first crumb of trust. At least Kenny and Clem have history. Sure, he's seems pretty fucking nutty at this point but I know Kenny will make the right choice, and I know his intentions are always for the best. We don't know anything about Luke or the group so how are they your "friends".

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    I do agree "friend" might have been the wrong word and the group is shady as hell,but without them Clem would've died in those woods. Luke and Pete risked themselves to save Clem when she was surrounded by zombies, Carlos fixed Clem's arm ( after some questionable actions), Nick used himself as a distraction to save Clem,and Carlos saved Clem before she was attacked at the wind turbine, if these aren't reasons to help out the group then I don't know what are.

    I don't fully trust them but I do owe them, at least in my opinion. Just remember Lee and what his past was like before the Zombie apocalypse and he turned out alright.

  • You can have some of mine up top. I'm already at 10 likes and 10 dislikes and only 250 views

  • In my main save I went to find Kenny instead of giving up. In the preview in my game, Kenny says that he wasn't going to go out like that. I agree. Why go out on your knees?

    Frankly, I don't trust any of those clowns except Kenny. I still do not know why they left the camp. In one of my playthroughs where I did give up, Carver says to Alvin as he is carrying him to the window that Alvin killed his best friend in cold blood back in the camp. It seems like there is more going on here than meets the eye. Until I get more information, I'm sticking with Kenny.

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    At the moment I don't fully trust anyone. I kinda trusted Walter and his positive attitude but that's gone now.

    Kenny just seems off, and I don't like it.

  • If you are careful you will have 2 bullets remaining for 2 zombies, but you cant kill them because carlos needs to save you... XD

  • Is there a way to guarantee head shots

  • Man you tried killing Larry, that is cold

  • There was not a chance in hell that he'd survive. I'd rather be hated than dead.

  • I like to look at it a little differently. Clementine and Kenny never really had much of a relationship in S1, but with Lee out of the picture, that's all changed. I kind of doubt Kenny would hold a grudge against a little girl, but Kenny's clearly lost more than a few of his marbles, so it's tough to know for sure.

    At any rate, I hope to heaven that Telltale will offer us a final choice between Kenny or Luke in episode 3, allowing the player to decide whether he/she wants to continue with a new face as their closest ally, or an old one.

  • Ya, I definitely don't see Kenny not helping Clem if she is being attacked like he did back in season 1 to lee. But I can see him go rouge and taking stupid risks.

  • I'm hoping both Clem and Sarita help him come around. I really like that Sarita is trying to be proactive in getting through to him instead of just being satisfied that she's got someone to look out for her. And it'd be nice if he could somehow make nice with Nick (no Luke vs. Kenny conspiracy theories pls). Maybe a bottle of liquor would do the trick.

  • I hope they don't just do the same thing again, it would be a wasted opportunity. Instead, I'd like to see Kenny's character make some kind of change for the better.

  • I want to think that he blame you for surrender ONLY if you blame him for Walter's death. Can't be sure,thoug

  • He looks more amish than Santa Claus. Probably because he apparently can't grow facial hair on his cheeks.

  • You wonn't change to walker after 5 mins. Ken should at least try to save Larry.

  • Actually, you do.

  • I think it's stated somewhere that it depends on how you die. But I think since Larry's death was sudden that he was gonna turn fast.

  • I'm with Kenny no matter what ^^

  • NOPE






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