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In a real zombie apocalypse, would you be trusting of others?

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I've been thinking about this type of thing for a while, and I'm really not sure. Basically, just answer these two questions below. Explaining your choices might help, too.

1. How trusting would you be of others in a ZA?
A. Completely trusting. It's important for survival.
B. Partly trusting. I wouldn't trust people with my life or anything.
C. Not very trusting. Trust can get you killed, but I may take a few chances.
D. Never trusting. I'd survive at least twice as long than if I trusted someone's words.
E. Other (Please explain).

2. Read the following scenario and pick a response.
It's about 100 and something days into the apocalypse. You're in a town, searching for supplies, but you've not turned up much. You're weapon is a small hand axe but you have a pistol (With no ammo left) in your bag that you might sometimes use for intimidation purposes.

As you're about to turn the corner onto a shopping street, you see what is obviously the barrel of a gun poking out of a window. You sprint over to a car ahead and crouch behind it, but then you hear a shout.
"I saw you down there, behind the car." he says.
You stay silent, hoping that he presumed he just imagined it, but he carries on.
"C'mon, it's not safe in the streets, just walk out and I promise I won't hurt you." He stresses, the word "promise" ever so slightly.

You reach into your bag and take out your unloaded pistol. Staring down at it, you wonder what to do. The stranger no longer shouts to you. What do you do?

A. Slowly stand up, but make it obvious that you're holding a gun.
B. Throw the gun into his sight, so he thinks you're unarmed.
C. Get up with your hands in the air and see what happens.
D. Try to throw your gun straight at him and while he's distracted, sprint away.
E. Leap up and aim the gun straight back at him.
F. Other (Please explain).

NOTE: Oh, I hope it's okay to post things like this, or do they have to be related to the game?

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