• WELL, we don't know yet.

    Let's just hope they're in different places. I liked Vince, I know he killed that guy but whatever... He should have nothing to do with Carver.

  • well, they could be thinking they are doing good, having been lied to. Maybe they've been about told all sorts of 'bad stuff' these 'bad' people have done. Or maybe they are scared, knowing if they try to disobey they will punished. Or maybe they feel like they are needed/important to someone, and want to please carver (Bonnie maybe?) I guess there are more than a few reasons why they would be there, or stay there, without making carver less of a bad guy (or them less 'good')

    • This is exactly what I think.

      Bonnie was shocked when Carver got violent. I think she's had her opinion of him dented. Remember she was a recovering addict and probably looking for someone/something to believe in & give her some purpose and stability. Carver might look like just what she needed. Now she's finding out he's not the savior figure she might have thought.

      Tavia's motivation I'm very interested to find out. Does she really think Carver is a good leader? Does she think she can be a moderating influence on him? Was she misled or coerced?

      Remember too that the ZA is a terrifying place to be on your own. Any reasonably stable community no matter how ruthless might look pretty appealing if you've been scavenging for food, half starving, freezing in a ditch and constantly in fear of walkers.

  • Bonnie is on his side, apparently, but she might be scoping his group out, earning his trust.

    Becca is probably a prisoner after shooting off or something, along with Shel. I'd assume Wyatt, Eddie and Vince are captured too.

    • Hadn't thought of that. Maybe their group was overpowered etc. just like ours was. Hope Russell's okay, an he hasn't got in trouble for lecturing or something.

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      Sanders12 BANNED

      No Becca is his ruthless Lieutenant. You seem to forget that she wanted to kill what's her name. Vince didn't go with them for me so I couldn't say, but If he had I think he'd be allied with Carver as well. Wyatt is a push over when it comes to being in a group, and if Eddie is on Carver's side then Wyatt will be too. Shel is harder to push, though I'd think that after my play through (They ran) Becca and her had a falling out, and she is most likely head or captive. Russel is also harder to place. Possibly dead. I'd like to point out that for whatever reason people seem to think the 400 days survivors were good people, despite the fact that all of their choices end in pretty grey or outright bad decisions.

      Vince had to choose between which of two people, he just meet to kill, not to mention he had killed someone before any of this started. Russel just always seemed like a mean guy to me, who only cared about himself and his own ideas. Wyatt was a pushover if he got sent out of the car, and a coward if he stayed. Eddie was a bit of a coward, I mean he could have forced his best friend to go save the guy HE hit. He also seemed like the sort of shady guy that would make bad decisions. Shel of course has the decision of either being super nice, or super evil so I'm sure her story will be the flexible one depending on what you choose to do. Bonnie has the choice of either lying to Leeland, a man it is heavily hinted at him cheating on his wife with her, or leaving him to grieve and die while she runs to live.

  • Tavia's community was actually Carver's, and whoever went with her will be there in episode 3.

    Some will be there against their will, such as Bonnie, Shel, Wyatt and maybe Vince, and others will have become loyal thugs to Carver, such as Becca and Russel, based on their personality by the end of the DLC.

    Carver is not the type who just lets people leave his little "perfect" community.

    I'm sure that at least Becca will have become Michelle 2.0[the girl that shot Omid] under Carver's watch. She's gonna be one mean bitch.

    • I have a feeling Vince is on Carver's side. He's an ex-con, and he's pretty passive aggressive too. Not afraid to shoot a foot off, either. Same with Becca. She'll team with whoever appears to be in charge. It's Roman all over again.

      • I feel Russel may be actually dead instead if he went, however.

        Remember how he told Tavia he'd kill her if it turned out she was lying about the community when they got there?

        I don't think Carver would have put up with the little rebellious attitude he had going on there.

  • A lot could have happened in the time between 400 Days and now.

    Shifts in leadership, dissolution of Tavia's community, Bonnie or the others leaving to another group entirely, etc.

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      Sanders12 BANNED

      Well with how Carver has hunted this group, I doubt he'll let anyone else just escape without pursuit. Also it hasn't been that long between "now" and 400 days.

      I'd say for Clem it's been about I'd say about 19-20 months since the start of the outbreak. The reason I conclude this is because the comic alludes to the outbreak starting sometime around August, or in late summer/early autumn. In the one-off x-mas story with Morgan and Duane, Morgan says it's been "About five months since this all started." That's in late December/Early January, he also says his calender might be off a bit. Also at the start of Season 1 we see leaves in Clem's backyard, therefore supporting an early autumn setting. I conclude, however that Season 1 ends before the start of Winter as it's made very clear in the comic that the first winter is a VERY cold one, and it begins to snow early. There is no snow in Season 1, however it is made clear that it begins to get cold rather fast, therefore I predict Season one ended around November, so Clem spent about 3-4 months with Lee, thus ending Season 1.

      400 days is equal to a little over 13 months. So it's been about 6-7 months since the 400 days group joined Tavia's. I also doubt that in that time much changed. If Tavia's group was as well off as she made it out to be, well enough to actively seek out new members, then it'd have to be something serious to disintegrate that group so quickly. Rebeccas is pretty late into her pregnancy, that much is clear, therefore it's been between 7-9 months since she became pregnant with Carver's child. So I hypothesize that he's been in control at least that long.

  • I have my own thoughts on what The 400 Days crew may stand in Craver's Group.

    VINCE: Follows orders in Carver's Group but I reckon he will have a softer side.
    WYATT: May question Carver's Motives but will stay with his group for safety. (Unless he's still looking for Eddie)
    RUSSELL: With the bad memories of Nate, he doesn't like Carver's decisions and wants out.
    BONNIE: Want's the safety of Carver's group but has a soft spot for Clementine and begins to question her decisions after Episode 2.
    SHEL: Doesn't like Carver and wants out but her sister, Becca wants to stay and she is stuck between.

  • tavia group doesnt seems like a heavily armed group like Carvers, Bonnie might just left tavia to join Carver on her own

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