• He says:

    " Christa got into a hell of a mess, so i went down there to help her. And then it got even messier! For a short time it didn't look so good for old Kenny here, but i got lucky...real lucky! "

    I always liked the Christa ending alot more anyway. I killed that fucking shitbird Ben!

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    Kunny BANNED

    Yeah man i thought that too!

    Kenny seems to forgive Ben in episode 5 but now he's just like "Fuck him" Again.

  • I agree with you, I wanted him to say something nicer. I did happen to chuckle when he called Ben a shit bird though.

  • I saw this line in a Let's Play (he saved Christa in my game) and it's kind of jarring. The entire point of that scene was that he forgave Ben and wanted to save him, so calling Ben a shitbird seems pretty out of character for him. He should have been more of an asshole if he saved Christa, and said something along the lines of "Christa did something stupid, so I had to go and save her," because Ben wasn't around to make him realize how bad he'd been. It's like they got the scenes mixed up or something.

    • Imagine this, Kenny tries to save Ben after he forgives him and that almost gets him killed, he is on his own for about a year and doesnt even mention what he has seen. There is no one else to blame after all this time(and Kenny never blames anything on himself because he is always right) so yeah its not out of char for him to call Ben a shitbird.

      • Actually, Kenny blamed Kat and Duck's deaths on himself. Even after he learns it was Ben, he blames himself when the group finds the suicide couple. Plus, he admitted to being solely responsible for Shawn's death from Day 1, and still blamed himself for it in Episode 3.

  • well, I think it's possible to forgive someone without stopping to hate them at the same time.

  • Yea! How DARE Kenny still be a tad upset that Ben indirectly killed his family! That's very inconsiderate.*


  • I agree for the most part. Kenny was my friend in Season One, and I thought he forgave Ben in that alleyway. The only way I can make sense out of what he said is that perhaps he didn't forgive him, but he couldn't leave him to die either. Or maybe it wasn't in a hateful way when he called Ben a "shitbird", as in he knew the kid screwed up, but he doesn't resent him anymore. Or it could be because Clementine's return brought out some old scores back into the light. Eh, I don't know what's going on in the old pal's head, haha. I'm worried about him. His whole family was killed, so there's that. I'd still have mixed feelings if I was in his position.

  • But Ben was still a fucking shitbird

  • You can forgive someone but still hold contempt for them

  • Well, Kenny is a mess right now, what with how he's been acting so forcefully cheerful , I think he doesn't want to think about the sad stuff.
    If he told Clem that he forgave Ben I'm sure he would have gotten emotional, and I doubt that he wanted their first conversation in two years to be more depressing than it had to. I mean, look at how broken he looks when he accidentaly mentions Duck at the dinner table.

    Mark my words, if he tried to save Ben, he WILL break down and tell Clementine how he really feels at some point in the future episodes.
    Right now he's trying too hard to put on a cheerful mask. It's gonna fall off eventually.

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