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Chess Board Symbolism

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Not sure if anyone notices but Carver notes on the chess board in the cabin that 'white' is in trouble and is three moves away from checkmate.

We are three episodes away from the end of the season.

Could this be interpreted as symbolism and what do you guys think it means?

  • Yes i do think so, Telltale likes to give us such little hints in each episode.

    For example Mark said something like this in Starved for help " If you didn't let me into the motor in, i would already be food by now. " and at the end of the episode he was our food...he also said something like this " Larry, that guy is all muscles. I don't wanna get caged into a room with him " and at the end of episode2 we were stucked with him in a meat locker.

    Or like Pete said... " A rifle isn't like a gun, it's gonna blow you on your ass " and that's what happened. :D

  • I think it could be symbolism. Good find! I'm guessing maybe the cabin group is white? In three episodes they're trapped(checkmate) and have no where to go (No Going Back). Or white could mean winter, as we see snow in the ep5 slide. All I know is checkmate means the king has no where to go and the player who owns the king has lost. But its no secret that in the last episode shit is going to hit the fan,

    Edit: What if black is someone from the cabin group and Clementine is white? There have been suspicions that the cabin group is hiding something especially Luke. They may be evil for all we know. Carver did say something like "You don't know who these people are do you?" Carver seems pretty evil but could he actually not be a bad guy? Black(??) will checkmate white(clementine). But since chess is only 2 player black can only be one person. It could be anyone. I doubt it would be Luke but you never know...

  • Ya, that intrigued me when I heard that. The question is who is white and who is black.

    • The people who are together with Clementine, will it be Kenny or whoever is left of the cabin group are obviously the people that are in trouble (white). The story is based around her character and this story won't have a happy ending to it.

  • could be. Or maybe it was just Carver pointing out that chess isn't single player. To make us sweat a bit about it, and try to explain,or dismiss it or something.

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  • Or... it was just meant to show us how smart and strategic Carver is that he can tell the outcome of the game at a glance, making him that more dangerous.

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    K0t0 BANNED

    scoff Good grief, its not symbolism you clown...............adjusts glasses its called foreshadow.

  • From what I can see on youtube from the chess table Black has a king a queen and 4 pawns and white has a king a queen and 3 paws, so number of charatchers from the main group surviving until episode 5 is 5? it's possible, also notice that white has a pawn that is just one move away from becoming a queen.

    And yes if it is black's turn it is possible to checkmate white in 3 plays ;)

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