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Okay, now, there's this thing that've been BOTHERING me...

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OK, remember first episode Clemmy had a picture of Lee...
After she had that little "incident" with the scavangers - it got lost. I mean, it isn't in her inventory. Where is it?

You even had the option to burn it - I SURELY DID NOT DO IT, but looked up on the internet and found out that even if you try to, you don't have time because of the scavengers.


Someone, got any ideas? I tried to look up for something on the internet but NOTHING. IT BOTHERS ME LIKE SHIT CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE IS IT? ç_ç


  • First of can't burn Lees picutre, you can only burn the drawing of Kenny and his family. When Clem trys to burn the picture she gets interrupted by the bandit group that attacked her and Christa.

    And secondly, the picture is still in her backpack...i was giving the water bottle to my old friend uncle Pete before he died and the picture was also in the backpack!

  • I am thinking she still has it but it's not showing in her inventory though. Last I remember, as she looked through her backpack at Lee's photo, she pocketed it and the same with the drawing of Kenny's family before grabbing the lighter then eventually her backpack getting stolen.

  • Did Clem put the pictures back in her backpack before all hell went down at the campfire with Christa? I don't remember her doing so before she went towards the yelling voices, and I just watched a play through which shows she doesn't. I fear that she lost them when she fell into the river... It's not showing up in our inventory. I hope this was just a mistake by Telltale and that she does indeed still have them, because I didn't try to burn either one.

    • Like Toby said, it was with the lighter and the drawing. Now, the drawing - you could burn it...
      And the lighter she still has it after the little incident at the river (with Pete and Nick) SO....

      • The pictures would have gotten soaked and possibly torn to shreds depending on how strong the current was. It was only in her back pocket. And the lighter is made of metal, so it had a better chance. Maybe the photo of Lee could be savable, but the drawing would be a bit harder to explain. And I know you can only burn the drawing in the end, hence why I said "try". Again, I hope it was just a mistake by Telltale. I'm not trying to be negative, as I would love to have the option to show Kenny them some time soon. :)
        I want him to be okay.

  • The picture got wet when she fell into the river, it's probably gone

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