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do u think alvin and nick will die next epsiode

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look I think they might die because if they could of died only in the 2nd episode they must not be that important you what do you guys think?

  • yea but how do u think they will die will they by carver or by walkers?

  • Well the thing I was thinking was since Carver knows that they all ran away together that the group will be split up in the settlement so they won't cause any more trouble.

    So they could disappear to other parts of the settlement and not have to be killed.

  • I don't know. I hope not. Obviously they can't play a central role in the plot, but that doesn't have to mean it won't matter at all.

  • Yeah, if they're still alive, they're pretty much confirmed to die in the next episode.

    I mean, Telltale won't write in that many scenes for two determinant characters. Wouldn't want people going back and changing their choices...

  • yea see because I like Alvin hes pretty cool and he helped celm also about luke what do u guys think that happen I think he might save them

  • Alvin will probably end up dead in the next episode. For Nick,I think we'll see him for the rest of the season,he'll maybe die in episode 5. But I'd happy if Nick doesn't die,something like "Oh,you saved him,good,now he won't die,at least for this season".

  • yea if you ask me hes kinda like lee also what bout Kenny you know I think he might die episode 4 or 5 but people said its been confirmed that he will live

  • to tell you the truth. This whole determinant bullshit really isn't working for me. It only causes me to expect these two to die soon and when it actually happens, I probably won't even be surprised/shocked. It takes some of the suspense away.

  • Alvin looked awfully despondent in the trailer, so it's pretty safe to say his days are numbered. The truth about Rebecca's baby has probably put him in a funk. All the same, even if Alvin has to check out in episode 3, let's keep our fingers crossed that Clem at least can choose HOW he checks out.

    For example: Alvin could be considering suicide at first, but Clem can raise his spirits. Later, Carver could make a move on Rebecca, and Alvin would then take a last stand against him - sort of like Ben's stand against Kenny in NO TIME LEFT. Carver ultimately kills Alvin, as he did in episode 2, but he goes out as a man, and not a coward.)

    Nick, on the other hand, still has too much fire and spunk in him, especially if Clem chose to be his friend. Of course, Telltale could always try another sucker-punch on us, and have NICK die in episode 3 instead of Alvin...

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