Clementine Will Survive !

Some of you Guys have been saying on the forum that Clem will die at the end of the season

Clementine Can't die . clem has been through Hell!.

What do you think ?


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  • Unless Telltale want two entire seasons to be invalidated and a franchise to be ruined, she will be fine.

  • I agree with the Mullet Necro guy. That will ruin the entire series and Telltale will lose so much business, fans and time into this game and making Clementine try to survive in this world, she's just a kid. I want to see her be the main character for more seasons till she's an teenager, then end her story somehow without killing her or ending on a cliff hanger. She's been through so much and has not lived her life yet she's only 11, if she goes down, we go down too.

  • Telltale won't kil Clemente... That would repeat season 1.

    I'm not saying season 2 will have a happy ending but she will live. Maybe TT is thinking on something like "Clemeitne will live but eveyrone that plays the game will wonder if she was better off dead...", that's what I would do at least

  • That would actually be a really good way to end it, but it's blatantly obvious Clem is going to go through hell and back through these next three episodes.

  • I posted this image before, it clearly needs a repost.

    Financial suicide

    Now, Telltale might do something cheeky, like make it so that Clementine only survives if the player has done a certain set of actions or made certain other people survive, but a 100% unavoidable death? Nope. Not happening. The company would become the walking dead.

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