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How would you feel if Luke never comes back. He's gone for good. He left and he's never coming back. Luke's story arc is over. How would feel about it?

I would be devastated since I want more Clem and Luke interactions.


  • I don't want him to disappear completely. I'm not a big fan of him, so if he's dead, I'd at least want a confirmation of his death.

  • I honestly don't think he will disappear. Die maybe but not disappear. He's an important main supporting character but if somehow he was to vanish Ep3 would have a lot of explaining to do.

  • He will return in episode3 without a doubt. His story arc isn't completed yet!

  • Not as upset as I was when I found Chuck in the sewer.

  • I wouldn't really be upset but I am starting to like the guy and think he's a pretty good character so far. I'd feel more cheated if they just dropped him altogether with no explanation or if he somehow died off screen and they found his body.

  • Luke was good enough a character that if they just threw him away now I and many other players would be super disappointed. Even if you didn't like him, you would be shocked if he was just gone.

  • Clementine only knew him for a damn week so who cares. He just left without warning to save himself.

  • I think he just went to take a hike

  • Well you don't know if thats EXACTLY why he left...

    Clementine only knew him for a damn week so who cares. He just left without warning to save himself.

  • I think he will comes back,

  • It would be pretty bad plothole if he just disappeared into the Oblivion and no one wouldn't ever speaks of him. So he'll be back.

  • That would piss me the hell off, but it would be hilarious.

  • I'd be highly disappointed. I don't think that kind of idiot writing would get past the editors. Then agin, their writers did manage to turn Carlos into Dr. DooNothing, so anything is possible, I s'pose.

  • I'd be disappointed. I was really liking the big brother/sister thing.

  • I agree with everyone that it would be really bad story telling on TTG's part. You don't introduce the deuteragonist, give us a ton of relationship development with him, and then get rid of him off-screen without any kind of closure in only the 2nd episode.

    He'll definitely be back. And if it's not in episode 3, there will be a big reveal in episode 4/5.

  • nah hell come back,maybe hell help you get out of carvers base.

  • They won't pull another Lilly situation on us. She needs to come back though

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