• Theon Greyjoy is still being tortured at the end of season 3, so thanks for that. Jerk.

  • I agree that Kenny is screwed up a little bit, and I totally agree in his mid he replaced Katja for Sarita, I mean, they look A LOT alike in face and hair. And calling Clementine Duck, reall? I eman he acts all surprised to that, but I'm guessing he was decompensating and really thought she was DUck before returning to his conscious self.

    About Luke, I think there are three possibilitees, Kenny killed him, they had a fight and Luke got knocked the fuck out, and lastly Luke went away before Kenny realized the group had been captured becuse of some fight and now will try and sabe them ;)

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    K0t0 BANNED

    Did you seriously...just try to sound smart....about something even a 5 year old could deduce.....

  • I hugged Kenny, sat with him at the table, and stated later that I would prefer to remain with him over Luke's group if that's what it comes to. All the while I had a niggling suspicion I was doing the equivalent of a Season 1 playthrough where you always side with Lilly.

    I think Kenny is a bit nuts and, no matter what you choose, that's going to explode on us before we're done with Episode 5.

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