Carver's Camp

I was thinking, what if Carver's camp is the one Tavia was talking about and he was the one on the radio? What do you guys think?


  • I think t's very possible since Bonnie is there.

    I mean Tavia sounded very interested in taking eveyrone to the safe zone, because like Carver said "Those who choose not to accept our love will surely wish they had".

    So the ones that didn't went can be dead...

    Another possibility that a just put out there is that thepeople in hoodies in episode 4 slide are people from Carever's group that are trying to take him off power and that's why they are drawn as a secret society ;)

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    It's very likely and possible that Tavia is part of Carvers group. We have to remember that Bonnie is the only 400 days character that always goes with her, no matter what you decided to do and she is the only 400 day character that apeared in episode2. I think we will meet the rest of the 400 days characters that went with her and maybe also the others, in the next episode.

    Another crazy theory, i think Nate could be Nicks father. They look alot alike and in episode1 it was mentioned that Nicks father is probaply still alive and he is an asshole that never was there for his son.

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    Bonnie being the only one to go with Tavia doesnt mean its Carvers group.
    There are a ton of equally if not more valid theories.

    As Bonnie is DEFINATELY part of Tavias group, its possible that like Tavia Bonnie has become a scout, she then 'scouted' Carvers group and is either currently gaging them as an insideman or she got caught in deep with them being just as much a prisoner as the others.

  • I read somewhere that she might be a double agent, because in the preview, she is being friendly to Clem

  • They are both around the same age, I doubt it's him, unless Nate like had him when he was 2 or 3

  • I actually think he was referring towards the cabin survivors because of their escape, but good theory

  • Bonnie is not evil, she is just easily manipulated and weak (junkie).

  • EVIIIIL EVIIIL, dammit Mermaid Man

  • First part: read in Mermaid Man's voice, Second part: read in barnacle boy's voice.

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    I'll repost my view, on this subject.

    We know Bonnie is determined to always join Tavia, no matter your choices in 400 Days. Bonnie is the only one with a big weakness, she was a junkie. This means she has a weak will, in my opinion. Which doesn't mean she is evil at all, there could be more to it than that.

    Now, let's check the others.

    Russell? He will only go if you let Tavia say there could be friends or family there. Wyatt? Will go if he left Eddie behind or Eddie left him behind and Tavia says there could be friends there. Vince? Will only go if he killed Danny (which, in my opinion was the better choice, better a thief than a rapist). Shel/Becca? If I recall correctly, there are two options for them to go: leaving Roman with RV. But I don't remember the other option, since I never let them kill Steph.

    So, what I'm trying to say is. Russell potentially walked away from Nate and could still join up, hoping to find family. This doesn't mean they will accept a Carver community, it's entirely possible that Bonnie got caught up alone or with some others and don't really want to be there.

    It's also possible that Bonnie was a scout and/or double agent for 400 days group inside Carver's community.

    It's hard to tell, I don't think it's straight forward that everyone will be on Carver's side. It would be strange, especially since Vince and Russell both walked away from two assholes (potentially). And Wyatt only wants to find his lost friend. Shel en Becca are probably caught in the middle.

    There's a reason why Bonnie will always go and never stay. And I bet there's a big reason why Eddie will always be left behind or drive away, Eddie will play an important role in the next episodes I'm sure. It's possible that Eddie is more important than Wyatt in the story.

    BTW, keep your eye on Becca. Becca had a strange vibe in 400 days, wanting to kill Steph just like that. I bet the player's influence on Becca with the dialogue is a big deal.

  • Yes, I know he was referring to the cabin survivors, but I'm guessing he applies that rule to eveyrone who "does not accpet their love"

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