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Good King Wenceslas Symbolism

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If you listen to Sarita and Sarah talk while decorating the Christmas tree you can here Sarita explain and sing some of the song Good King Wenceslas. This is what she sings

Sire, the night is darker now,
and the wind blows stronger.
Fails my heart, I know not how.
I can go no longer.
Mark my footsteps my good page,
tread thou in them boldly:
Thou shalt find the winter's rage
freeze thy blood less coldly.

I was wondering seeing as how the rest of the season is taking place during winter and the 5th episode slide has snow that maybe Telltale is trying to foreshadow something.

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  • I thought the same thing. Does anyone know how the rest of the conversation goes with her and Sarah?

  • Interesting. Wenceslas was the king of Bohemia about 1000 years ago, the story in the carol was probably made up. The real story of Wenceslas is some weird and gory shit.

    "He defended Bohemia from a couple of invasions by Dukes of neighbouring regions and legend says that he banished his mother and her pagan followers from his castle. Wenceslas put in a good education system and a successful law and order system, so the parts of the carol story about him being a kind King are true! After four years of happiness, when Wenceslas was 22, his brother Boleslav, became very jealous of Wenceslas and plotted (possibly with the pagan followers of their mother) to kill Wenceslas. Boleslav invited Wenceslas to celebrate a saint's day with him, but on the way to the Church, Wenceslas was attacked and stabbed to death by three of Boleslav's followers!"

    But don't worry about it, i'm SURE it's just Sarita's favourite christmas carol ;)

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