Do you think what happened will be a turning point for Sarah?

For being as sheltered as she is, I'm sure what happened at the end of the episode would've shocked her. Do you think this will plant the cynical seed in her? Or do you think it will push her to be more sheltered? Or maybe something else?


  • I'm hoping the fact she's being exposed to more, and Clementine taught her to shoot means something. I hope at the least maybe Sarah ends up saving someone's life.

  • I hope that trying to teach her to shoot builds up to something, though I could see it going terribly wrong in some regard...

  • I told Sarah we couldn't be friends in episode 1 because I didn't trust the group at the time, therefore I didn't get option the teach her how to shoot......*sigh.....this is going to bite me in the ass later I can just see it.

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