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What if .... and .... are brothers?

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What if Troy and Luke are actually brothers? Luke and Troy have been together since the beginning and lost all their family. They were real close before they met Carver. After they join Carver's group, Luke tries to convince his brother Troy to separate himself from Carver and leave with him. Troy refuses since they want different things and Luke leaves with the group. Now it's brother vs brother on different sides. We might not know it yet from this episode, but since we're spending a lot of time in Carver's community. Maybe Troy is going talk to Clementine about it. Can you imagine those two fighting? It could go like this:

Clementine vs Carver


Luke vs Troy

What do you think? Would you like that idea or hate it? I'm going off this idea because they both look young and badass. They don't look SO different to the point where they can't be related. Troy could be the older brother while Luke is the younger brother. This would make the conflict that much better.

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