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(THEORY) Clementine will die?

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I've noticed something after playing Season 1 and the first two episodes of Season 2 a few times... so in season one, Lee was on every single slide except for No Time Left, in which he... you know. The same thing with Clementine. Clem is on every episode slide except for the last one, which is just a walker. Do you think it could mean the same thing? And what does her death have to do with "No Going Back"?

  • But....but....but she can't die.......right? :(

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  • She's not on the slide of A House Divided. Obviously meant she was going to die in that episode. /sarcasm

  • No, if she does who is gonna play badass clem?Alt text

  • Have you ever heard the phrase, "Put in the universe, it'll happen"?
    So I demand a decease and desist of these Clem die threads lol We can't chance it.

  • What I'm gonna say will probably piss a LOT of people off.

    I think it would be a dumbass idea if she DIDN'T die. TWD is about horrific,brutal,shitty stuff happening in the zombie apocalypse. TellTale has proved they can be assholes when they killed Carley,Duck,and even Lee.And I think that at this point,killing Clem is too much of an asshole thing for them to pass up.

    However,if Clem dies,I think the Clementine fans are gonna gun down all of Telltale's employees.

    • While I agree it's statistically possible Clem would most likely* eventually *die by a walker, I don't think it should be at the end of this season. it's kind of ridiculous to end season 2 the same way as season 1. At a certain point, it's hard to care about characters when you know they're just gonna bite it in 5 episodes. It's fine to tell other stories, but I think Clem should be a staple in the Walking dead game franchise, like Carl or Rick in the comics.

      • Well,even Carl and Rick will eventually meet their fates.

        I read that when we get to the end of the comic,they will kill off Rick. So maybe when the game series end,they could kill off Clementine then.

  • Nope. There is absolutely no chance that Clem will die. I would bet my life on it. Lee died at the end of season one, so that ending is already played out. To have Clem die would be cheap, and Telltale has better writers than that.

  • Telltale put a lot of work into Clem learning to survive, not to die.

  • If Clem dies, we riot!

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